The Ruthless Establishment Media Is Trying To Force Erin O’Toole To Repeat Their ‘Sacred Mantra’ Of So-Called ‘Systemic Racism’

This gets more and more creepy.

Erin O’Toole has been repeatedly pushed to say that Canada is systemically racist.

And it’s not the Canadian People pushing him.

It’s the increasingly ruthless and creepy establishment media.

Over and over again, O’Toole has stuck to his view, saying it is interpreted differently by different people.

Yet, he hasn’t done what the establishment press wanted.

He hasn’t ‘mouthed the words’ they want from him.

He hasn’t said the sacred phrase.

So, they keep asking him, and keep going after him when he doesn’t buckle under:

“Erin O’Toole hasn’t said whether he believes there is systemic racism in Canada.

When pressed by @EvanLSolomon on this, he said systemic racism “means something different to every person.””

This is getting pathetic.

And, as @Ham_Sandwich27 said on Twitter, it is “beyond creepy.”

“Soloman is trying to force O’Toole to chant the cult’s slogans.

This is beyond creepy.”

The establishment press is getting more and more afraid.

They are losing their control over the narrative, as people like us make our voices heard and push back.

So, in their desperation, they get more and more ruthless.

Their aggression is increasing, as they try to force everyone to conform to their ‘woke’ ideology.

Their tactics aren’t even close to journalism. It’s far-left activism, trying to make everyone say the same thing, and punishing anyone who refuses.

We must fight back against this garbage. The corrupt media cannot be allowed to try and control what we are and aren’t allowed to think.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The Corrupt Establishment Media is trying to keep the Corrupt Trudeau Liberals in power. Only Independent Media can fight back. If you want to SUPPORT Spencer Fernando, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Brian Dougan

Six hundred and fifty million dollars generates a lot of fake news.Trudeau’s paid media groupies; fanning the flames of a bogus racism. To what end? I look back fondly on the old days; when journalists actually reported the news. No wonder they’re failing.


So what? He’ll just roll out more taxpayer money to keep them afloat.


The lieberal racist agenda party’s paid racist agenda media?, if a Conservative makes the mistake of showing up on these Conservative attack sites he better have a really sensible realistic clear answer, that they do not want to hear, and find hard to attack, which he did not have to these ridiculous lefty agenda questions, so why make yourself look ridiculous like they are? This sickening paid agenda media needs to keep being sued and their lying globalist traitors to Canada reporters should be taken away and Conservatives should be supporting truthful news sites like Spencer Fernando. I bet Spencer… Read more »

Eric Blair

Erin out to take a page out of the former US ambassador to Germany, Ric Grennell and attack the media for asking dumb questions. He turned on the US media last week when he was announcing the peace agreement between Israel and UAE. Ric showed how it is done!


What else can you expect from the Lieberals talking head fascist/communist MSM. These clowns dressed up in $500 suits and skirts think they are the gift that the world need. They nothing more than a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths


Time for change – in-Just Truduro and his entire team of loco Liberals must go, along with his paid hacks, the main stream media.

gary Major

Erin is a better man than I ! The constant interruptions by evan and other hacks would draw a response from me they would not like!

very old white guy

When some dim wit like Erin Solomon asks if one is a racist the answer should be a question. Erin are you you a racist? If his answer is no then the reply should be as simple as well, see there is no systemic racism. If his answer is yes then the reply should be too bad, I am not.

Douglas Ford

Who says you can’t get value for your money these days. Buy the press for 650 million. Although the majority of reporters in this country have been trained by our left leaning Universities… sigh….poor Canada

Douglas Robilliard

Ya Erin Do not bend the knee for the desperate losers!

Guy-Paul Roy

In the 60’s I was pulled over by the Police for no reason. Apparently I had Long Hair. Last year I was pulled over by the Police and upon asking why I was pulled over, The Cop said we pull over all Motorcycles. The other NON-speeders were waved on but NOT me. Police are the biggest Bunch of Bigots as they go unchallenged more often than others. Challenging the Police will just fall on Deft/Blind ears.

Louise Teasdale

Journalism does not exist any more, they do not report… they editorialize to death. Some of them can hardly make full sentences. Some are even quite rude and cheapen the trade. The politically paid medias are killing FleetStreet.


How about admitting there is Systemic Hatred of Conservatives and the Conservative party of Canada?


Evan Solomon…if you were any kind of journalist you would go and find a REAL media outlet to work for. Instead you flounder with the left wing media arm of the liberal government. CTV, Global and CBC have no real reporters…just whipping boys and girls for the Turd.