The Ruthless Establishment Media Is Trying To Force Erin O’Toole To Repeat Their ‘Sacred Mantra’ Of So-Called ‘Systemic Racism’

This gets more and more creepy.

Erin O’Toole has been repeatedly pushed to say that Canada is systemically racist.

And it’s not the Canadian People pushing him.

It’s the increasingly ruthless and creepy establishment media.

Over and over again, O’Toole has stuck to his view, saying it is interpreted differently by different people.

Yet, he hasn’t done what the establishment press wanted.

He hasn’t ‘mouthed the words’ they want from him.

He hasn’t said the sacred phrase.

So, they keep asking him, and keep going after him when he doesn’t buckle under:

“Erin O’Toole hasn’t said whether he believes there is systemic racism in Canada.

When pressed by @EvanLSolomon on this, he said systemic racism “means something different to every person.””

This is getting pathetic.

And, as @Ham_Sandwich27 said on Twitter, it is “beyond creepy.”

“Soloman is trying to force O’Toole to chant the cult’s slogans.

This is beyond creepy.”

The establishment press is getting more and more afraid.

They are losing their control over the narrative, as people like us make our voices heard and push back.

So, in their desperation, they get more and more ruthless.

Their aggression is increasing, as they try to force everyone to conform to their ‘woke’ ideology.

Their tactics aren’t even close to journalism. It’s far-left activism, trying to make everyone say the same thing, and punishing anyone who refuses.

We must fight back against this garbage. The corrupt media cannot be allowed to try and control what we are and aren’t allowed to think.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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