Propaganda Patty Defends Communist China Yet Again

Patty Hajdu appears to be one of the only people on Earth who actually believes China’s official virus numbers.

Over and over again, Patty Hajdu (AKA Propaganda Patty), has defended China’s obviously false CCP Virus numbers.

We all remember how cases were growing in China, and then simply plateaued at about 85,000. The line has stayed almost totally flat since then, as journalists, doctors, nurses, and whistle-blowers have been jailed, punished, and silenced for trying to report the facts.

China even at one point admitted that they had been undercounting, meaning that Hajdu was even more pro-CCP line than the CCP itself.

“Even people in China don’t believe China’s numbers. Beijing spent months suppressing information. Hundreds of citizen journalists who tried to report the facts were jailed. Minister Hadju believes Chinese numbers? A Minister shouldn’t drink Chinese koolaid”

To actually believe China’s numbers would be to believe that China – a country of about 1.4 billion people that got so scared they were lockdown hundreds of millions of people in desperation, fumigating the streets, and where the virus initiated – somehow has fewer cases than Canada, a country of 37 million.

It is simply absurd.

And yet, when asked again about whether she believes China’s numbers, Hajdu defended the CCP regime’s official line yet again:

In an interview with Mercedes Stephenson, Hajdu continued to double down on her defence of China:

“You had dismissed that as a conspiracy theory. In retrospect, do you think that China was honest and was forthcoming in the intelligence it shared with the global community and with Canada about the risks?” Stephenson asked.

“Look, very early on China alerted the World Health Organization to the emergence of a novel coronavirus and also shared the sequencing of the gene which allowed countries to be able to rapidly produce tests to be able to detect it in their own countries.”

It really can’t be said enough how strange this is.

Almost nobody is defending China’s official numbers.

Almost universally around the world, it is simply accepted that China’s numbers cannot be believed.

And yet, Hajdu stands almost alone in still pushing China’s narrative.

This is why – as I’ve said before – there must be an investigation into the Liberal government to find out if there are members of the government either being directly controlled by China, or beholden to China. Hajdu’s continued praise of the CCP Virus response in the authoritarian state is highly disturbing, very disloyal to Canada, a slap in the face to the Canadians who have died from the Virus, and is once again evidence of why she is totally incompetent and needs to be removed from her job.

Spencer Fernando

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