WATCH: Erin O’Toole Slams Trudeau Government’s Pandemic Failures

Having recovered from the CCP Virus, O’Toole gives strong first speech in Parliament as CPC Leader.

In his first speech in Parliament as Conservative Party Leader, Erin O’Toole thanked Canada’s frontline workers, discussed the recovery of he and his wife from the CCP Virus, and slammed the Trudeau Liberals for their pandemic failures.

From long-lines and delays for tests, the closing of the Pandemic Early Warning system, letting tons of infected people into the country, and more, O’Toole accurately ripped the Liberals for their failures, something the cowards in the establishment press have failed to do.

O’Toole is already showing strong speaking skills, and an ability to mix the personal and the political in an effective way.

And his willingness to slam the Liberals on the CCP Virus response shows a good level of toughness and willingness to push back against the false narratives of the corrupt establishment press.

You can watch O’Toole’s full remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook