Erin O’Toole Congratulates Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

“Canada’s Conservatives will always work with the U.S. to advance our common values and close economic ties,” says Conservative Leader.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole has issued a statement congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, following the US media projecting that Biden & Harris have defeated Trump & Pence.

His statement is below:

“Congratulations to @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris. Canada and the U.S. have a historic alliance. Canada’s Conservatives will always work with the U.S. to advance our common values and close economic ties.”

A Biden win could make things easier for O’Toole, depriving Trudeau and the Liberals of one of their favourite tactics: Redirecting attention to US politics to distract from scandals and corruption here at home.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gerri Page

Really O’Toole! Biden is a Democrat and you are a Conservative. Biden works for himself and not for Canada. If Trudeau wins again welcome to our nightmare. Work together with the US to advance our common values and economic ties! You talk like a Liberal. Oh, how we needed Max Bernier and not another Andrew Sheer.

Major Tom

Another reason I would never vote CPC!

Eric Blair

Looks like O’Toole has falling in to the same way of thinking as the US mainstream media… the media do not declare who won only legal votes do. If O’Toole thinks that the media have the right to declare election winners then he will not win the next general election here as the media will declare the Liberals as winners as they are paid by the Liberals.


how can he contragulate them when their results have not been certified by the courts. I didn’t think CNN and the media create the law of the country. Does Erin O’Toole not realize he is prematurely congratulating a possible socialist come communist party – Harris espouses Marxist leanings from what I have read. I could be wrong and have misinterpreted what I read and don’t recall exactly where I read it..


It tells me that the Obama’s/Trudeau’s etc. and the left have given all of us to the totalitarian UN and the globalists will soon be running the world, we will never have a real true election again, and darn I hope I am wrong, just scared of all the criminals moving in from around the world.


Since WHEN does the media get to decide who has won ? They’re still counting votes,launching law suits over apparent voter fraud – fake ballots, changed ballots, multiple ballots from one person or dead people, etc. The election is FAR from being over. And if anyone thinks Joe won ? You just need to compare their rally sizes to see who is TRULY the more popular candidate : THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS turning out for EVERY Trump and a handful on average at Joe’s ‘rallies’ – on the very best day he may get 100 people showing up. And that’s probably… Read more »


It’s not officially over! It is NOT the media who decides! They have no business making this announcement prematurely.

Vilma Mannarino

This guy is Crazy…the election far from over!!!Biden didn’t win!!!


I am appalled with the fact that Erin O’Toole has Congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala-Harris. The U.S. Election is far from over, and with O’Toole promising Canadians that he will Defund the Corrupt CBC, another Fake Corrupt News Channel in the U.S. does not have the authority to call an Election for Joe Biden and Kamala-Harris. There was a lot of Cheating and Corruption with the Conservatives, and Erin O’Toole should have waited until all the Cheating and Corruption was Exposed by Trump and the Republicans. All the Corruption and Cheating may not change the outcome of the U.S. Election,… Read more »


The world will collapse further into the corrupt globalist agenda under Biden. Obama, Clinton and Biden sold America out to CCP to line their own pockets.


Remember Hunter Biden and his selling of the VP under Obama’s watch? Just wait until this becomes public.


Does O’Toole not know the media does not decide who is president? They have not made it official yet. Dumb.. hope those are not stripes I see showing through.


What if Trump actually wins???????????????????????????????????

Canada’s “conservatives” walked right in a trap

Thomas Tass

The Democratic Party is linked at the hip to the Liberal Party of Canada. Expect nothing from Biden Canada!

Guy-Paul Roy

If Biden really tries to heal America? The Pipeline will be needed for all those Americans that want it.


A bit premature.

There are still recounts, court challenges, and the Electoral College vote to come first.


The USA election is not over yet.We in Canada should all pray for President Trump for giving the country back to the law abiding citizens.


Ha !

A “Biden” victory IS NOT official !

WTF, I thought Trudeau was bad, congratulating Biden, but this takes the biscuit.

Screw you, O’Toole … caved !

Craig Noren

Erin, you might want to wait until the election results are in. And we thought JT had poor judgment. CNN doesn’t get to call the final results.


What a tool. Not even the Russians or Communist red Chinese have officially recognize Biden as the president elect.


Well Erin, not a chance you’ll get my vote.


Obama’s election machine allegedly helped put Trudeau in office twice. Did they use the same compromised voting machines? We need to look again at the results of the last two elections and deal with the consequences and do it NOW!!! before Trudeau brings us any lower.


A Biden presidency will give Obama another four years and give Hillary and Billery access to the President. Biden is only a shill to hold the POTUS for a respectable time then step down and give Kamala the Presidency, with Hillary as VP. Then Kamala would step down for some reason and give Hillary what her heart has so long desired : the coveted Oval Office. Who would be her VP? Why, Obama and Big Mike, of course. Regardless of which liberal gang is in the Oval Orifice the CCP would be worming their way into our North America society.… Read more »