If They’re All “Following The Science,” Why Are Politicians Constantly Contradicting Themselves?

Maybe, and just hear me out on this, maybe they’re not following the science and instead they’re just making it up as they go along.

As I noted in a recent article, despite all the politicians claiming to ‘follow the science,’ they have gotten it wrong over and over again, even as they claimed science was backing them up every step of the way:

“Remember, they said they were ‘following the science’ when they opposed wearing masks, then said they were ‘following the science’ when they promoted wearing masks.

They said border controls would ’cause harm’ based on ‘the science,’ then said border controls would save lives, also based on ‘the science.’”

Increasingly, it is clear that politicians have used ‘following the science’ as a way to try and suppress dissent and disagreement with their actions, even as those actions have ended up decimating countless Canadian small businesses, while propping up and even benefitting global mega-corporations that can afford endless legions of lobbyists.

As we know, the science doesn’t just randomly change over and over again from one day to the next.

Instead, politicians use the phrase instead of actually explaining or justifying their actions.

Patty Hajdu and the Liberals opposed border controls, claiming that was what the science demanded. Then, when they supported border controls, they claimed science backed it up.

In Ontario, Doug Ford has repeatedly said he is following ‘models,’ yet over and over again he refuses to lay out detailed information justifying his increasingly strict lockdowns.

He also fails to explain why it makes sense to keep Amazon warehouses in Ontario open – when there have been hundreds of China virus cases – while he shuts down small businesses where virus cases are not spreading.

What we are really seeing is that politicians have become addicted to having the perceived backing of ‘unquestionable authorities,’ and can’t let go of it. So, they keep repeating the same phrases, as if uttering a serious of noises from their throats somehow exempts them from scrutiny.

And yet, as we see time and time again, rather than following science, politicians are following their own whims and lust for power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube