Canadians Should Get To Pick Which Vaccine We Get

And have the choice to reject entirely of course. The government has no right to tell us to just ‘take whatever you’re offered.’

A growing list of countries are temporarily banning the AstraZeneca vaccine, after reports of blood clots forming in those who got it:

“France & Germany are the latest nations to ban the use of the AstraZeneca Wuhan Virus Vaccine, amid reports of blood clots.

The German health regulator had called for an investigation after seven reports of blood clots in the brains of those who had received the vaccine.

The country called it “purely a precautionary measure.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said France will suspend distribution of the vaccine until Tuesday at the earliest, awaiting a recommendation from the European Medicines Agency.

The AstraZeneca vaccine has also been halted by Italy, Thailand, Denmark, Norway, The Congo, Bulgaria, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands.”

Meanwhile, here in Canada, the Trudeau government is going forward with the AstraZeneca vaccine, and expanding the group of Canadians they recommend it to:

The government is also making it clear that people should ‘take whatever vaccine you are offered.’

In short, while a growing number of countries shut down distribution of the AstraZeneca vaccine over concerns, Canadians are being told to ‘just take whatever you get.’

After being wrong on everything, the government expects us to trust them.


Canadians must have the choice of which vaccine we are offered, and that means you should be able to know which one you are getting, and reject it if you so chose to reschedule for another one.

Also, every Canadian must have the right to decide not get a vaccine, as part of living in a free society.

At this point, the government simply hasn’t earned the right to demand our trust, and Canadians deserve transparency and respect for our individual rights.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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