Beware Military Scandals Being Used As Excuse To Purge The Canadian Armed Forces Of Anyone Not ‘Woke’ Enough

It is likely that all of this alleged misconduct has been known for a long-time, by officials across the political spectrum. So why is it being revealed now?

Canada’s military is now an absolute shambles.

It was already totally underfunded and unable to recruit in adequate numbers or procure adequate equipment.

But now, every day seems to bring a new scandal that casts the Canadian Armed Forces leadership into further ill-repute.

Most recently, Lt. General Mike Roleau – the second-in-command of the CAF resigned – and went on ‘health leave’ after it was revealed he went golfing with Jonathan Vance, who is under a current  military investigation.

The problem?

Roleau is – or was – the authority in charge of the military police, who are investigating Vance.


“As a result of this incident, I am stepping aside immediately as VCDS and will transition to the CAF Transition Group,” said Rouleau.

“I am acutely aware of the tumultuous times we are navigating together. Like all of you, I have been working hard to deliver on our commitments and to inform our way forward. I am a huge advocate for change,” he added.

Fortin Fight

In another ongoing scandal for the military, Major General Dany Fortin – who left his role as head of Canada’s vaccine rollout amid an investigation of alleged ‘sexual misconduct’ – is pushing back in court:

“Fortin learned that Sajjan and Health Minister Patty Hajdu wanted to remove him from his position on May 13 from Stewart, according to the filing. Later that evening, it says Eyre told him the “political calculus” had changed, but that no one would tell Fortin whether the investigation had wrapped up.

“PCO had said that he would have to be removed,” the court filing states, referring to the Privy Council Office, which is the bureaucratic department supporting the Prime Minister’s Office.

On April 19, the court filing says military police told Fortin the name of the complainant and that the allegation was “alleged to have occurred more than thirty years ago,” the court filing states.

Fortin was given a choice of two statements on May 14, the court filings add.

“Ultimately, he chose the statement in which it appeared that he had decided to step down and resign his assigned military duty at PHAC,” according to the document.

However, Fortin claims he was actually “terminated” and that he was denied “procedural fairness.”

He also alleges the decision came as a result of “improper political interference in the military chain of command,” and that Eyre had not actually made the decision to remove him.”

Strangely, it appears Patty Hajdu was involved:

“Trudeau, Sajjan, Hajdu and the top bureaucrat at the Privy Council Office “circumvented” Eyre’s authority to decide what to do with Fortin, the court documents allege, then “effectively prevented” Eyre from reassigning Fortin somewhere else.”

Why would the completely incompetent Patty Hajdu be involved in military matters?

What is really going on here?

Amid all these scandals, I’ve previously said Canada needs to ‘clean house’ in the Armed Forces.

However, giving this more thought, there are some disturbing questions about what is actually taking place, and the motives of those in power.

Consider that many of these scandals appear to be ongoing issues that date back many years.

Further, ‘leaders’ and officials across the political spectrum – including both Liberal and Conservative governments – almost certainly knew all about it.

Yet, all these scandals are hitting all at once.

Note, I am not saying these scandals are made up, nor am I saying that those who violated the rules shouldn’t face consequences.

But why now?

Why at the same time?

Why would a 30+ year old allegation somehow become fodder for incompetent politicians like Hajdu to interfere and change personnel?

Who benefits from this?

Weakening the West

Around the Western world, we are seeing a clear trend of every institution being subsumed by far-left thinking, including critical race theory and a ‘woke’ ideology that is obsessively focused on demonizing the history of the Western world, taking over Western institutions, demoralizing Citizens, and doing away with objective standards of performance or any sense of ‘the national interest.’

Militaries are often seen as the last bastion of old fashioned Patriotism, national pride, and a results-oriented outlook.

So, if even Western militaries can be co-opted, the far-left ideology will have little to no resistance from within government.

Even in the United States, political correctness is rising in the military, along with reports that internal cohesion is weakening because of divisive critical race theory.

Weakening the military

If you wanted to hollow out the military and have a pretext to replace current leadership with those who will do the bidding of a more politically-correct ideology, the total discrediting of the CAF leadership, an atmosphere of endless scandal, and a large-scale replacement of the top ranks with more ideological individuals would be exactly how to do it.

Further, this also destroys the reputation of the CAF itself, making recruiting even more difficult.

A weaker military is in the interests of those who want Canada to be weak, and since the military provides good, well-paying jobs mostly to young men, those who see any male-dominated industry as ‘toxic’ will be pleased by these damaging developments.

Consider this:

These kind of scandals are almost certainly far more prevalent in the House of Commons than in the military. So why isn’t Parliament facing endless scandals and investigations and a total discrediting?

Because that wouldn’t serve the interests of those who are trying to co-opt every institution, since Parliament is already co-opted.

More weakening of our history

Finally, the CAF remains an institution that embodies the history of Canada, and a sense of Patriotism and values in a way other institutions cannot. The history of the CAF is the history of Canadians standing up for what we believe, and many making the ultimate sacrifice against our enemies in order to preserve our way of life.

Those who want to erase Canada’s national identity, who want to turn Canada into a ‘Post National State,’ face a serious roadblock in the CAF, and large-scale replacement of personnel and demoralization of the CAF could clear that roadblock.

For that reason, we must always be on guard for what is really happening amid all these CAF scandals, and ensure that legitimate accountability isn’t twisted into a complete overturning of what the CAF has historically represented for our country.

Spencer Fernando

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