Trudeau’s Dishonesty On Vaccine Mandates Shows He’ll Say Anything To Divide Canadians And Gain More Power

Rather than do what a true leader does – bring people together – Trudeau is seeking to turn Canadians against each other, demonize each other, and spread fear.

Justin Trudeau will say anything in order to gain power.

That’s about the defining trait of both him, and his government in their time running the country.

Trudeau will go along with any politically-correct trend, wear any costume, don any ‘diverse’ garb, if he thinks it will get him more support.

This describes many politicians of course, but where Trudeau goes further is in his willingness to divide Canada for his own political interests.

He has been glad to try and weaken the Western Canadian energy sector, with his hypocrisy driving a surge in separatist sentiment in Western Canada, and Alberta in particular.

His approach to the West has clearly been “I won’t get many votes there anyway, so I may as well direct anger towards the West to gain votes elsewhere.”

Notably, previous Canadian leaders like Stephen Harper and Jean Chretien chose not to do the same, as both recognized the importance of the federal government showing support for key industries in regions across the country.

Consider how Stephen Harper approached Quebec.

Harper received very little support in the province, never won even close to a majority of the seats there, and was never popular there.

Yet, he showed respect for provincial jurisdiction, and respect many of the wishes of Quebec political representatives.

Thus, despite his low popularity there, support for Quebec separatism collapsed.

That’s what strong leaders do, they seek to keep their country unified, even when it doesn’t serve their immediate political interests.

But Justin Trudeau isn’t a real leader.

So instead, rather than trying to bring Canadians together, and rather than try to reduce the fear people are feeling, Trudeau is seeking to divide Canadians and exploit fear.

Trudeau says one thing, does another, on vaccine mandates

Trudeau’s announcement of vaccine passports and vaccine mandates for members of the public service was obviously an election move aimed at dividing the country and trying to put the Conservatives in a tough political situation.

Of course, a PM who would use the rights and freedoms of Canadians as a bargaining chip or as a political tool is a disgrace.

Second, Trudeau’s stated policy – requiring all government workers to be vaccinated – appears to not actually be the real policy.

In fact, it seems Trudeau’s policy is the same as Erin O’Toole’s stated policy – which would be that those who don’t get vaccinated get regularly tested:

“From Canada’s Treasury Board Secretariat (responsible for civil servants). “For those who refuse vaccination, we will need to consider alternative measures, such as testing and screening.”

Boy, that sounds familiar.”

Note how Trudeau is saying he will impose a required vaccine mandate, and then compare that to what the government itself is saying:

“To plan our path forward, OCHRO will work with you to determine how this vaccination requirement will be implemented within the public service. We recognize that some people are unable to be vaccinated. In these cases, we will discuss accommodations that could be put in place. For those who refuse vaccination, we will need to consider alternative measures, such as testing and screening. Our overall objective will be to protect broader public health by reducing the risk of COVID-19.

Today’s announcement also set out the expectation that Crown Corporations and other employers in the federally regulated sector will also require vaccination to protect the health and safety of their employees, their workplaces, and their surrounding communities. I expect that we will collectively develop a model that can inspire them as well.”

Testing and screening as an alternative to mandating vaccinations is what the Conservatives have opposed.

Further, the government is making it clear that people won’t be fired for opposing vaccinations, which means there is actually nothing mandatory being imposed at this point.

Also, the final sentence of the quote above mentions developing ‘a model that can inspire,’ people to get vaccinated.

‘Inspiring’ people to get vaccinated implies persuasion, not coercion, and not a mandate.

Campaigning without fear

So, we know that Trudeau is claiming he’s pushing vaccine mandates – since he thinks that will gain him votes and divide Canadians to his benefit – while that’s not taking place in the public service.

It also turns out that Trudeau is being hypocritical in another way.

Campaigning as if he’s not afraid, while telling everyone to be afraid:

“At the same time as @JustinTrudeau is trying to say the pandemic is still scary and a threat due to the Conservatives, he is also campaigning like this, which actually goes against federal guidance on how to act with crowns during COVID.”

We have seen this regularly with the hypocritical elites:

They don’t act at all as if they are afraid, but they really want you to be afraid.

In fact, as Liberals claim the Conservatives are putting people at risk by not requiring candidates to be vaccinated – in an election only happening because Trudeau wanted it – it turns out Canadian poll workers won’t face that requirement either:

“Elections Canada won’t require poll workers in the federal election to be vaccinated against COVID-19, despite the ongoing pandemic, the agency confirmed in a statement to Global News. “Vaccination will not be a requirement for election workers, although we anticipate that most will be, given current vaccination levels,” the statement reads, though it adds that Elections Canada strongly urges all workers to get vaccinated.”


It’s almost as if Trudeau is just saying dishonest things to divide people and try to gain votes…

Trudeau embraces a measure he called ‘extreme’

In the past, when asked about vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, Trudeau called them “extreme measures that could have real divisive impacts on community and country.”

He was right then, which means he is wrong now to impose them.

This also shows that Trudeau simply has no principles, and no strategy other than gaining more power.

That makes him the kind of person who should never get more power.

Whatever we think of the other choices, whether it’s the inconsistent and often disappointing O’Toole Conservatives, or the naïve and radical Jagmeet Singh NDP (who often pushes even worse versions of Liberal ideas), neither O’Toole nor Singh, or Maxime Bernier, Annamie Paul, or Derek Sloan possess Trudeau’s historic level of dishonesty and willingness to rip Canada apart for political gain.

Of all the options on offer this election, Justin Trudeau is undoubtedly the worst.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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