Co-Opted Media Threatens Canadian Democracy

The government has used the media to generate self-fulfilling-prophecies that enable them to expand their power.

The government tells the state broadcaster what narrative to use.

The state broadcaster uses that narrative.

Stories are generated from that narrative.

The government then refers to those stories.

Those stories are used as ‘evidence’ and ‘justification’ to invoke emergency powers.

Those emergency powers are used to punish political opponents of the governing party.

Those stories are later retracted – but only after the damage is already done.

Consider all of that, and then ask yourself whether that sounds like something that happens in a democracy, or in an authoritarian state?

We know the answer of course.

This happens all the time in authoritarian states, where the media serves only to push the narrative of the state and direct public anger at those the government targets as ‘enemies.’

To see it happen in Canada however is to witness the way our country is heading in a more and more dangerous direction under the Trudeau Liberals, with our values and principles being disgraced.

Liberals pushed direction of media coverage

As reported by Blacklock’s,

“Freedom Convoy coverage put “significant pressure” on CBC employees, according to corporate records. Cabinet earlier said it relied on CBC News for justification in using emergency powers against truckers, while one cabinet minister said he spoke personally with unnamed reporters covering the protest: “For journalists, trust me, I reached out to some of them.””

This is an admission by the government that it used its power over state media to direct coverage of the Freedom Convoy in a specific way.

We saw what this resulted in.

The government used CBC stories to generate increased public fear, even as those stories were later revealed to be false.

But, the falsehood was revealed after the government had invoked, used, and abused the Emergencies Act.

And, given that they’ve co-opted most of the rest of the press, the Liberals don’t fear having their abuse of power spoken about by the mainstream media.

Threat to democracy

As we think about all of this, it is clear to see that this is a huge threat to democracy.

Canada cannot remain free if the government fully co-opts the press.

That’s why independent media is so important, and why the fight against legislation like Bill C-11 is so important.

It’s also why it is imperative that the Liberals are defeated and that the Conservatives eliminate all the media subsidies and bailouts in this country. All media must compete in the free market, because the alternative is for the press to be turned into subservient, anti-democratic lapdogs of their political masters.

Spencer Fernando


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