Failure To Reimburse Canadian Troops For Meals Represents The ‘Perfect’ Combo Of Trudeau’s Incompetence & His Contempt For Those Who Actually Love Our Country

The Trudeau Liberals can find money for everything, except supporting our troops, strengthening our national defence, and protecting Canadians from foreign interference.

Canada has never seen a government that loves spending as much as the Trudeau Liberals.

They’ve raised spending to record highs, and have shown absolutely no concerning running endless gigantic deficits.

And yet when it comes to basic things like providing for our national security, the Liberals all of a sudden become stingy.

Remember when Trudeau said Canadian Veterans were “asking for more than we’re able to give right now”? He said that at a time when the government was rapidly expanding and running deficits in the tens of billions of dollars.

It’s not the Liberals ‘couldn’t’ spend money to help Veterans, it’s that they didn’t want to.

And that disgraceful trend continues, with the Liberals leaving Canadian soldiers and their families out to dry.

According to a recent Ottawa Citizen report, Canadian troops in Poland and their families are having to go into debt to pay for food, because the government isn’t reimbursing them for meals:

“Canadian troops in Poland are having to buy their own food but aren’t being reimbursed, causing hardships for their families back home.

The Canadian soldiers are in Poland to train Ukrainian military personnel but since Canada did not send military cooks on the mission, the troops were told to eat at local restaurants.

But there is a massive backlog with the Canadian Forces reimbursing the soldiers for those costs, sending some of them thousands of dollars into debt. Their families contacted this newspaper to complain about the situation they say is causing financial stress at home.”

Incompetence and contempt

Never before in our history have we seen a government that loves to spend so much money yet is so shockingly incompetent.

They spend more, and everything gets worse.

The federal public service is over 30% bigger than when Trudeau took office, and federal spending is up $150 billion per year.

Money is being thrown around like never before, yet somehow the government can’t reimburse our troops for their food.

It’s disgusting.

And it’s more than just incompetence.

It’s also contempt.

Throughout his time in office, Justin Trudeau has shown his contempt for those who built this country, for those who defend this country, and for those who love this country.

Trudeau has tried to drown our nation in shame and division, demonizing Canadian history, demonizing Western values, and seeking to elevate himself and his pathetic cronies above everyone else.

If the world made any sense, Trudeau’s contempt for our nation would disqualify him from being in power. At the very least, Canadians need to rediscover our sense of outrage and demand that the government start treating our troops with respect.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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