Trudeau’s Refusal To Call A Public Inquiry Looks Worse And Worse With Each Passing Day

David Johnston and those linked to the Trudeau Foundation lack credibility when it comes to China. And by ignoring both the will of the Canadian People and the majority of MPs, Justin Trudeau looks like he’s more interested in protecting his own image rather than defending Canadian democracy.

As people flee the Trudeau Foundation, the chaos there is now engulfing Trudeau’s ‘Special Rapporteur’ pick David Johnston and making Trudeau’s refusal to call an independent public inquiry even worse.

Remember, Trudeau is ignoring both the will of the Canadian People and the will of a majority of MPs who voted for an independent public inquiry.

Trudeau has instead sought to hid behind Johnston. But that looks even worse now. As a “family friend” of Trudeau and someone who was part of the Trudeau Foundation, Johnston doesn’t have credibility when it comes to China.

And the longer both Johnston and Trudeau ignore this obvious reality, the worse they both look.

Of course, Trudeau looks worst of all here. There is zero reason to trust anything he says at this point, and every action he takes gives the indication that he and his cronies are hiding something from the Canadian People.

After all, look at how the Liberals hid the whole microbiology lab story, even refusing an order by the Liberal-appointed Speaker of the House of Commons to release key documents.

When it comes to China, and China’s efforts to influence and infiltrate our nation, Justin Trudeau clearly believes that the truth would be a threat to his political fortunes. Thus, he denies the Canadian People access to the truth.

So, with today’s news bringing even more evidence that something very awful is going on behind the scenes in our country – likely far worse than we can even imagine – Trudeau continues to seek to block the truth from being known.

This is an incredibly dangerous moment for Canada, as we are completely unable to trust whether our government works for us or is doing the bidding of a hostile foreign power.

Spencer Fernando


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