Top Trudeau PMO Official Asked Trudeau Foundation About Chinese Communist Party-Linked Donation All The Way Back In 2016

It just gets worse and worse.

Another day. Another example of how the Trudeau Liberals have been lying to Canadians about China interference and the Trudeau Foundation.

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly said he has nothing to do with the Trudeau Foundation. That was his response to the chaos engulfing the Foundation amid the resignation of the entire board of directors.

That claim has always been suspect, given that donations to the Foundation surged after Trudeau became first Liberal Party leader and then Prime Minister, and given that he has repeatedly appointed Trudeau-Foundation-linked individuals to prominent roles related to China’s election interference. Additionally, Trudeau’s own brother Alexandre signed the agreement for the $200,000 donation to Communist China.

Furthermore, since all indications are that China’s objective was to keep the Liberals in power, and given that the Trudeau Foundation seems to have been targeted by China as part of that effort, Trudeau has dangerous incentive to not actually investigate the Trudeau Foundation or see it held accountable.

Notably, when the story of the entire board resigning first broke, Trudeau tried to blame the Conservatives, yet a day later it was revealed to be internal dysfunction.

And now, a new La Presse report indicates the Trudeau PMO was asking questions about the donation all the way back in 2016 (translated from French to English):

“Although Justin Trudeau has always claimed that a wall separates his office from the foundation that bears his father’s name, La Presse obtained an email exchange, which dates from November 2016, where a key employee of the Prime Minister’s office claims details of the “Chinese donation” which was only a few months old at the time.

The exchange takes place on Thursday, November 24, 2016, five months after the donation contract, worth $200,000 for the foundation, was signed by Zhang Bin, Gensheng Niu, and also by Alexandre Trudeau, brother of Justin Trudeau and a member of the foundation’s board of directors at the time.

The two people who exchanged these emails are the executive director of the foundation at the time, Élise Comtois, and Zita Astravas, who then held the title of director of issues management in the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“As requested, you will find below the key elements that we provided to the media who contacted us regarding the donation of $ 200,000 from Zhang Bin and Gensheng Niu”, writes Ms. Comtois from the outset.”

Nobody can trust the Trudeau government

You’ve watched the Trudeau Liberals act as if all these stories of interference and China trying to help them win are a ‘shock’. They simultaneously claim they’re taking it ‘very seriously,’ while also claiming it’s all partisanship from the Conservatives.

Yet, they’re desperate to avoid a public inquiry, and they’re hiding behind Trudeau family friend & former Trudeau Foundation member David Johnston.

And now – as we saw above – they’ve been aware of and ‘interested’ in the $200,000 donation from Communist China since 2016. They’ve known all along. They just didn’t tell Canadians, and they still refuse to admit the truth.

The ongoing lies and deception from the Trudeau Liberals is the key reason why confidence in Canadian institutions has collapsed, and the longer they remain in power the worse things get.

Spencer Fernando


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