WATCH: Trudeau Lies To Canadians Again, Falsely Claims He Didn’t Require Vaccinations

His own past words say otherwise.

It’s a new day, which means there’s a new lie from Justin Trudeau.

This time, it’s in regard to forcing people to be vaccinated.

Speaking at a University of Ottawa event, Justin Trudeau claimed he didn’t require people to be vaccinated.

Yet, his own past words – when he mandated vaccines for federal workers – make it obvious that he is lying now:

If you tell someone that their employment is dependent upon being vaccinated, and if you are the head of the federal government, then you are forcing people to be vaccinated.

Trudeau seems to be defining ‘force’ as not arresting people and violently injecting them with the vaccine, but that definition is so narrow that it simply doesn’t hold up.

Remember, Trudeau brought in vaccine mandates. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “mandate” as “an authoritative command,” and says it means “to official require (something)”, to “make (something) mandatory”, and “to direct or require (someone) to do something”.

Most people can’t simply walk away from their job, especially given how bad the economy was and how bad it remains.

By mandating vaccinations, Trudeau clearly forced many people to be vaccinated.

A lie that reveals truth

What’s interesting about Trudeau now lying about forcing people to get vaccinated is that it signifies both his ongoing dishonesty, and also the fact that statist politicians are trying to give the impression they are walking back some of their more authoritarian actions.

Public opinion turned against vaccine mandates and restrictions long before they were removed, as Trudeau seemed unwilling to give up his expanded power and control. But the pressure grew to strong to resist. Now, Trudeau is trying to rewrite history, and pretend he never forced vaccinations on people.

Thus, he has revealed that he is somewhat wary of being seen as an authoritarian leader, even though his policies and ideology (socialist, pro-Communist regime) are leading Canada in that dangerous direction.

This is also demonstrates why we need to keep calling out Trudeau and keep exposing how he’s turning Canada more and more into a country that is anti-freedom, anti-capitalist, pro-socialist, and pro-authoritarian.

The more Trudeau lies, the more we need to speak out and fight back against those lies.

Spencer Fernando


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