Incredibly Disturbing Liberal Policy Proposal Echoes Communist China’s Authoritarian Information Control

They aren’t even hiding it anymore.

As Justin Trudeau continues to allow a Chinese Communist diplomat to remain in the country despite threatening Michael Chong’s family, the Liberal Party convention is pushing an incredibly disturbing policy proposal that seems ripped right out of the pages of the Chinese Communist Party information control manual:


This would push us much further on the path to Communist-style information control.

The Liberals want the media to be even more dependent on the government, and they want to ban the use of anonymous sources – a bedrock of investigative journalism.

Make no mistake, this is exactly the kind of thing you see in places like Communist China and Russia, and it would lead to the complete destruction of any kind of media freedom or independence – things that are already under siege in this country.

Really, read it again: “whose sources can be traced.”

That would mean the government would have total control over the press, could shut down any outlet that didn’t adhere to the rigid state demands, and would have de facto veto power over every story.

That’s how things work in China. In China, there is no concept of ‘independent’ media or the ‘free press.’ The media there is seen as nothing more than an extension of the state propaganda machine, used to get out the message the government wants to get out, rather than holding the government accountable.

That makes it easy for the Chinese Communist Party to get away with crimes against their Citizens, because most people never hear about those crimes, or any discussion is quickly squashed.

Trudeau and his neo-Communist cronies want that kind of power, and the horrific policy being proposed at the Liberal convention is another part of his attempt to wipe out the free press and turn Canada into a Chinese-Communist-style authoritarian state.

Every day brings more and more evidence that Justin Trudeau hates individual rights, hates freedom, and hates Canada. He wants to impose a collectivist vision that puts everyone under the control of an all-powerful centralized government, and that’s a vision that should be rejected by each and every Canadian.

Spencer Fernando


Our rights and freedoms are under attack by a government that seeks to suppress free speech and allows China to gain more and more power over our nation. We must speak out and push back. If you support my independent, pro-freedom perspective, you are encouraged to chip in whatever you can through PayPal or directly through Stripe below:


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