SHAME: Globe & Mail Headline Refers To “Alleged” Hamas Rapes, Ignoring Mountains Of Evidence Of Hamas’ Horrific Crimes

The legacy media can’t seem to stop disgracing themselves in their coverage of Hamas’ terror attacks.

The legacy press continues to disgrace itself.

With many outlets still refusing to call Hamas terrorists what they are – terrorists – there have been more subtle forms of biased anti-Israel coverage.

Many legacy press reporters have chosen to act as if Hamas’ claims are to be taken at face value, while treating Israel with total suspicion.

For example, outlet after outlet repeated Hamas’ false claims that Israel ‘bombed’ a hospital, and repeated those claims without any verification. They simply reprinted what Hamas claimed, a profound lack of journalistic integrity given that Hamas is a psycopathic and genocidal anti-Semitic terror organization.

Disgustingly, this pattern of trusting Hamas while doubting Israel is continuing.

Take a look at this disgusting headline from the Globe & Mail:


Sandra Martin. Why do u refer to the HamasISIS rapes of Israeli women as “alleged”? Do u not accept the video evidence recorded by Hamas rapists on phones and body cams as being sufficient? Important that u clarify this point. Publicly.”

There has likely never been a more well-documented terror attack than Hamas’ October 7th attack on Israel. Hamas documented much of it themselves, as they took sickening glee in their savage subhuman actions.

Countless videos and photos have emerged showing undeniable evidence of mass rape. Eyewitness accounts detailed Hamas’ countless rapes of Israeli women. Bodies have been founded with undeniable evidence of rape. Hamas documents even detailed who would be at the top of the ‘hierarchy’ for raping in each specific area the terror attacks took place.

Yet, the Globe & Mail refers to the rapes as “alleged.”

It’s absolutely disgraceful.

Every time the media does this, it not only benefits Hamas by muddying the waters in people’s minds regarding Hamas’ horrific crimes, but it also hurts Israel and contributes to anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semites are jumping on every disgusting anti-Israel conspiracy theory, and when the legacy press posts something like calling Hamas’ well-documented and undeniable rapes ‘alleged,’ it feeds into those who seek to deny Hamas vicious crimes.

The Globe & Mail needs to change their headline ASAP, and talk to their reporters and headline writers to ensure their horrific headline is not repeated.

As the legacy press continues to disgrace itself, I will continue to do everything I can to make sure we defend the truth. We cannot and must not lose our moral clarity when it comes to exposing and denouncing Hamas’ savage actions.

Spencer Fernando


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