The Liberal-NDP Pact Is Ignoring What Canadians Think About Immigration Levels

We continue to have higher and higher immigration levels forced on us, despite there being little support for such a policy.

Canadians have been making it clear that the surge in immigration must come to an end.

As mentioned in a previous article, a new poll by Leger shows just 9% of Canadians say they want “more” immigration than in the past.

That same poll also shows the interesting aspect of partisan thinking, as 28% of Canadians say the Liberal immigration plan – which will continue raising immigration levels each year – will “admit the right number of immigrants to Canada”.

Now, this doesn’t say what the Liberals think it does.

It shows that without partisanship being brought into it, just 9% of Canadians want more immigration. But when higher immigration is tied to the Liberal government, Liberal partisans ‘fall in line.’

We are thus seeing how little real support their actually is for more immigration in Canada.

In fact, a full 53% of Canadians say the Liberal immigration plan will “admit too many immigrants to Canada.”

Just 4% say it will “not admit enough.”

And 14% say they either “don’t know” or “prefer not to answer,” most likely individuals who oppose higher immigration but don’t want to say something that is ‘politically incorrect.’


By pushing ahead with higher and higher immigration levels, the Liberals and NDP are ignoring what Canadians want on immigration. This is deeply anti-democratic.

The Liberals & NDP have decided they “know better” than the rest of us, and will impose higher immigration levels whether we like it or not.

It’s another way in which the Liberal-NDP Pact is hurting our country and weakening our democratic institutions.

Spencer Fernando


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