POLL: Just 9% Of Canadians Want Increased Immigration Levels

On immigration, the Liberal-NDP Government is pandering to far-left radicals while alienating the vast majority of the nation.

A new Leger survey shows Canadians are overwhelmingly against the Liberal-NDP plan to keep increasing immigration.

With the Liberals pushing immigration levels higher each and every year, the survey shows just 9% of Canadians want higher immigration levels.

Meanwhile, 43% say Canada should bring in “the same amount” of people as we have in the past – when levels were much lower.

And a plurality – 48% – say Canada should bring in fewer immigrants than we have in the past.

The survey makes it abundantly clear that the Liberals have little public support and no legitimacy for their increased immigration levels.

Instead, the Liberal-NDP Pact is appealing to the far-left radicals on immigration, as they bring an ever-increasing number of people into our nation against the will of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando


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