The Liberals & NDP Are Wrecking Our Economy & Making Canadians Poorer. You Have Every Right To Be Angry.

Instead of telling the public not to be angry, how about the government stop giving us things to be angry about?

One of the most sickening trends of the Trudeau era has been the complete inversion of responsibility.

Whereas governments once responded to public anger by realizing it was time to address areas of concern or change course, the Liberals, NDP, and their media coalition partners now attack the public for ‘daring’ to get angry about what the government is doing to us.

Government politicians act like a bunch of victims, as if they should somehow have the right to do whatever they want with our tax dollars and then demonize anyone who criticizes them.

Instead of responding to public anger, the Liberal-NDP-Media coalition chastises those who are angry and gives us a bunch of pathetic lectures.

But here’s the thing.

We have every right to be angry about what is happening to our country.

You have every right to be angry.

Canada is a country covering an enormous landmass. We share a border with the world’s most powerful nation. We have an almost unimaginable abundance of natural resources.

We should be an incredibly rich nation.

Even by just sitting back and doing nothing, the government could enable massive prosperity.

A government would actually have to try very hard to turn Canada into an economically stagnant nation on par with middling European nations that enjoy none of our advantages.

And yet, here we are.

Just look at this:

The U.S. economy is surging, while Canada is falling behind.

And the numbers are even worse than they look.

On a per capita basis, U.S. population growth is much less than in Canada, so their economic growth is based on real productivity gains – thus real wealth creation – while our decline is happening even as our population goes up meaning each individual Canadian is falling behind.

This was a deliberate decision by the Liberals & NDP – with the full backing of their media cronies.

They choose to impose a carbon tax.

They choose strangle the energy sector.

They choose to implement regulations that destroyed over $150 BILLION worth of energy sector projects.

They choose to make Canada a bad place to invest.

They choose to rapidly increase immigration levels beyond what we could handle.

They choose to massively increase the federal workforce – thus driving up debt and deficits and making the economy far less efficient.

They choose to say there was ‘no business case’ for expanded Canadian LNG exports to displace Russian supplies, even as countries like the U.S., Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates have all signed gargantuan long-term contracts to supply LNG to places like Europe and Japan.

These were all choices made by the Liberals & NDP, and these choices have all resulted in the Canadian People becoming poorer and the vast potential of our great nation being squandered on a historic scale.

This should make us angry.

We have every right to be angry.

You have every right to be angry.

And instead of lecturing us about our justified anger, the government should stop giving us so many things to be angry about and should stop ruining our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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