CONVOYS FOR CANADA: Canadians Organizing Convoys To Ottawa To Stand Up For Canada’s Energy Industry & Oppose Trudeau’s Damaging Policies

It’s great to see Canadians coming together to stand up for our energy industry.

A coalition of supporters of Canada’s oil and gas industry, and a group of Western Canadian truckers are planning convoys to Ottawa.

One convoy is being organized by Rally 4 Resources, a group that has been working for a long-time in support of the Canadian energy industry.

The Rally 4 Resources group is focused more on specific energy industry issues, and is taking a less partisan approach. Here is what they say on their GoFundMe page:

“A coalition of grassroots pro resource groups is organizing a convoy from Western Canada to Ottawa and hosting a rally on Parliament Hill. This project is a massive undertaking that no one group can fund on their own. We would like to be able to fully fund any participants who want to join but can’t, due to finances. Taking this amount of time off for anyone in the oil & gas sector is a huge sacrifice but there has never been a more important time to be heard. 

We are positive, proactive, and we are all Canadian. It’s time Ottawa hears us. We need pipelines to tidewater and market access for our product. We need the government to cancel Bill C48 (tanker ban) and make the necessary changes to Bill C69. We need to be able to feed our families. Canadians need jobs and prosperity. 

The sooner we can collect, the sooner we will be able to take registrations of vehicles and drivers, and book necessary venues to rally along the way.

We deeply appreciate any help possible as our industry and livelihoods are at stake. Please join the movement. We have an opportunity to make positive change for all of Canada, let’s take action. On behalf of all of our groups, thank you.”

Rally 4 Resources also says” *** Please note: this event and the rallies have nothing to do with any other Go Fund Mes, convoys or the Yellow Vests.***”

The other group is associated with the Yellow Vests:

Here’s part of what the group says about their upcoming convoy:

“Our goal is to put Western Canada’s oil field workers back to work, End the dependency on foreign oil and stop shipments from Saudi Arabia, End the carbon tax, See pipelines approved and built and a host of other issues voiced by Canadians. The ultimate goal is to have Justin Trudeau resign and let someone Lead Canada that can make Canada a country to be proud of.”

The Convoy’s are not affiliated. But whichever convoy it is, it’s great to see Patriotic Canadians standing up for our country and making their voices heard. This is what freedom and democracy is all about.

If you would like to support the Official Rally 4 Resources Convoy, a link to their GoFundMe page is included below:

Rally 4 Resources Coalition Convoy GoFundMe

The link to the Yellow Vest convoy GoFundMe is below:

Yellow Vests Canada Convoy

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube