CONVOYS FOR CANADA: Canadians Organizing Convoys To Ottawa To Stand Up For Canada’s Energy Industry & Oppose Trudeau’s Damaging Policies

It’s great to see Canadians coming together to stand up for our energy industry.

A coalition of supporters of Canada’s oil and gas industry, and a group of Western Canadian truckers are planning convoys to Ottawa.

One convoy is being organized by Rally 4 Resources, a group that has been working for a long-time in support of the Canadian energy industry.

The Rally 4 Resources group is focused more on specific energy industry issues, and is taking a less partisan approach. Here is what they say on their GoFundMe page:

“A coalition of grassroots pro resource groups is organizing a convoy from Western Canada to Ottawa and hosting a rally on Parliament Hill. This project is a massive undertaking that no one group can fund on their own. We would like to be able to fully fund any participants who want to join but can’t, due to finances. Taking this amount of time off for anyone in the oil & gas sector is a huge sacrifice but there has never been a more important time to be heard. 

We are positive, proactive, and we are all Canadian. It’s time Ottawa hears us. We need pipelines to tidewater and market access for our product. We need the government to cancel Bill C48 (tanker ban) and make the necessary changes to Bill C69. We need to be able to feed our families. Canadians need jobs and prosperity. 

The sooner we can collect, the sooner we will be able to take registrations of vehicles and drivers, and book necessary venues to rally along the way.

We deeply appreciate any help possible as our industry and livelihoods are at stake. Please join the movement. We have an opportunity to make positive change for all of Canada, let’s take action. On behalf of all of our groups, thank you.”

Rally 4 Resources also says” *** Please note: this event and the rallies have nothing to do with any other Go Fund Mes, convoys or the Yellow Vests.***”

The other group is associated with the Yellow Vests:

Here’s part of what the group says about their upcoming convoy:

“Our goal is to put Western Canada’s oil field workers back to work, End the dependency on foreign oil and stop shipments from Saudi Arabia, End the carbon tax, See pipelines approved and built and a host of other issues voiced by Canadians. The ultimate goal is to have Justin Trudeau resign and let someone Lead Canada that can make Canada a country to be proud of.”

The Convoy’s are not affiliated. But whichever convoy it is, it’s great to see Patriotic Canadians standing up for our country and making their voices heard. This is what freedom and democracy is all about.

If you would like to support the Official Rally 4 Resources Convoy, a link to their GoFundMe page is included below:

Rally 4 Resources Coalition Convoy GoFundMe

The link to the Yellow Vest convoy GoFundMe is below:

Yellow Vests Canada Convoy

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I think that All Provinces should get involved in the Convoy. The Maritime Provinces keep voting Liberal. They either just don’t care about Canada and what is becoming of this Once Great Nation or are oblivious and everything that Trudope has been doing to Destroy Canada is just going over their heads. Yet when the Economy was down in the Maritimes, many Maritimers were travelling to Alberta working in the oil fields, making BIG money. Then they turn their Backs on the West Supporting this Lying, Deceptive, Traitorous Joke of a PM. The Maritime Provinces should Support the West and… Read more »

Sewer Rat

I work with a guy from PEI, and he keeps telling me the stories everytime he goes back home, that they think Albertans don’t pay any taxes, and keep posing the question why don’t people from Alberta want to pay their “fair share” of taxes. The ignorance is breathtaking.

don morris

Fat chance of the Maritimes ever joining the West in a demonstration,or even NOT voting Liberal. The Maritines are quite happy representing 32 seats in parliament and living off the rest of us. They will continue to be bribed by the LPC,and if they changed and voted for a CPC government,that government would retain the status quo. Canada has been very successfully divided along regional lines by our politicians, and we in the West don’t count for much. The only answer is Western separation, as no federal government would ever allow us to become an autonomous region. Separation or serfdom,… Read more »


Good for them!! Hope they get free coffee and burgers all the way!!! Trudeau will probably be in some luxurious warm resort when they arrive, or hide out in his million dollar renovated house, and cabin!!! Geesh


Or he’ll ding them for the coffee and burgers.

Ken (Kulak)

I donated. Hopefully they get a few thousand truckers on the trek.

Sewer Rat

Does anyone actually think Glorious Leader justin will actually listen to the truckers? The only way he’ll listen is if Alberta announces that we are going to hold a referendum on separation.


There is nothing wrong with some signs mentioning “separation” if we do decide on signs –


Fantastic!! So proud! Canadians are becoming United!!
Trudeau and the rest of those Libtards need to RESIGN!!


I’d kick in a bit of support but think this is the wrong time of year. Middle of winter for Pete’s sake? Massive problems for logistics and weather. Imagine a few hundred trucks stuck in a blizzard or half of them blocked because of an accident. This sort of protest would be far more effective and have more impact if it was done closer to the election. August or September. Most Canadians will have forgotten about this come election time. A huge waste of time and effort. Watch for barbie to comment about how much pollution will be created.


You’re sight about the timing, but if we can get a multilevel protest happening, JT and his motley crew could be out by October, saving us further damage to Canada

Sewer Rat

“Watch for barbie to comment about how much pollution will be created….” As she flies overhead multiple times in a 747 to count the number of trucks.

Morgan McCallum

Del. That is a pretty “glass half empty” statement. The movement can’t just be one rally. It will be many over the next 9 months to make the statement. Show some support. And who cares what “climate Barbie” says? She is only spouting the “dogma” of the deluded.

alan skelhorne

canada is in bad shape del i would love too see the country shut down, from one end to the other

Brian Dougan

Hard working men; men with families to feed. Forced out of work by a doofus who never held a real job in his pathetic life.


I have no doubt that the coward clown of a pm will be out of the country when the convoy arrives.

Sandra C.

My thoughts exactly…..It will be his way of saying he doesn’t give a s***.

Bracham Holfeld

There is another Alberta convoy GoFundMe page that lastnight was over $70K. It is the initial one, IIRC. If I find it I will share it with you Spencer.


Unless it snarls up traffic in the major metropolitan areas (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax), don’t expect the slightest emotion out of the Little Potato. The convoy has to hit him precisely where it hurts. That would probably be right outside their respective City Halls.

Sandra C.

Every Province should have the whole of Canada’s back. We should “All” stand up, together. Write letters, comment on their facebook page, tweet Trudeau and his Liberal Party, go out and protest with groups. No destruction, no violence, though….just mass numbers of people. Whoever is organizing this Truck Convoy….good for you. Governments are allowed to make a few mistakes once in awhile…but the Liberals and our Commander Trudeau is doing his utmost to destroy our beautiful Country. He has absolutely no concern for Canadians and he’s stacking the deck against us for his own personal agenda. Everyone could do Canadians… Read more »