Illegal Border Crossing Crisis Causing Massive Backlog As IRB Requests Over $110 Million More Taxpayer Dollars

Report says workers are asking when it will officially “be considered a crisis.”

The continued surge of illegal border crossers, and the refusal of the Trudeau government to stop the illegal crossings, is causing a rising backlog of asylum claims.

And it’s going to cost Canadians big-time – if the IRB gets their way.

According to the CP, “The arms-length agency that processes refugee claims in Canada estimated it would need twice as much money as it will ultimately receive to significantly tackle a major backlog in asylum claims, caused in part from an influx of irregular migrants. Documents obtained under access-to-information law show the Immigration and Refugee Board drafted costing estimates in November 2017 showing it would need $140 million annually plus an additional $40 million in one-time costs to finalize 36,000 extra refugee cases every year.”

So far, the government has given over $70 million to the IRB to deal with the costs – but that covered just two years.

This is the problem with refusing to enforce Canada’s borders. Canadian taxpayers will pay the price, with over $110 million more likely to be diverted from the priorities of Canadian citizens towards dealing with those who entered Canada illegally.

And while the Trudeau government claims it’s not a ‘crisis,’ IRB employees are reportedly using that exact term:

“The documents also reveal employees processing the claims have raised concerns about heavy workloads, problems with their pay due to the Phoenix pay system and have pressed management about when the influx of claims will be considered a crisis.”

This is a clear example of how deceptive and dishonest the Trudeau government is. They demonized the Conservatives for calling the illegal border crossings a ‘crisis,’ yet those actually working on dealing with the surge of claims are saying it’s a ‘crisis.’

Canada needs a government that will actually enforce our laws, enforce our borders, and make clear that – while Canada is open to legal immigration, illegal immigration will not be tolerated.

Spencer Fernando


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Diane DiFlorio

It’s a crisis for sure, but the true crisis will rear it’s ugly head in about a decade — when we open our eyes and see how this country has turned into a third world nation, the lose of our sovereignty and the change in laws to accommodate the newbies. Heaven help us all.


Treasonous plan from Trudeau’s Liberals ! Fact is Canadians did not have a referendum on this use of Canadian Taxpayers MONEY

Elizabeth Thorne

Where are all the caring, sharing, global millionaires–why do they not help these so-called refugees stay in their homelands–could it be they have their agenda that does not suit the little people.


Trudeau has yet to address the rebate of hundreds of millions spent by the Provinces that they had not budgeted for. Hamas gets almost $100 million, Bombadeer executives bonuses, NCCM, Islamic Relief, the Clintons, Chinese scientists – almost nothing for Canadians. Carbon taxes and arbitrary roadside impaired accusations don’t count as beneficial.


Trudeau and his liberal party should start giving a lot of their money for the immigrants. And stop taxing the little people.

.Peter black

Left wing were can never see a crisis only when they or their families suffer.

Ivan Hawkes

Canadians think life is expensive now. “IF” Justin gains any influence in our future, we may as well just hand over our entire income to the government and they might allow a tiny trickle to come back to you from what’s left over. Justin is digging Canada into an economic hole of gigantic proportions. Get ready for extreme debt slavery if Justin has a hand in our future.

old white guy

Justin is just the current face of the liberals, they have been screwing Canada all my fairly long life.


I fear you are right Ivan. I am all for helping people but Trudeau is out of control. I never signed up for dishing our taxpayer dollars out to ILLEGALS. If he is ousted in the next election I honestly pity the poor person who has to attempt to clean up this mess he has created. While millions think he is the greatest, I am surely not one of them. He should be focusing on Canadian citizens who are suffering from job loss, Veterans who are overlooked, the Alberta crisis, the Oshawa crisis, the Maritime’s hard hit by emergency room… Read more »

old white guy

110 million more flushed yet over one billion cut from veterans. dumb liberal socialists sure have their priorities straight.


This should come directly out of Trudeau’s personal fortune. He has deep pockets. And what a wonderful opportunity for him to demonstrate to the rest of us how it is done! And while he (they) are at it, why not require every single Liberal to adopt a couple of these groups into their home, supporting them out of their own personal monies, again with Trudeau demonstrating how it’s done with his multiple homes.


Come on Spencer, they are illegal aliens, not irregular border crossers. Why not call a spade a spade!


This government is asking for more than I can give. It is time for this government to pay me back for all of the theft of my hard earned money. The tax my wages then after that what money I may have put into rrsp, they want to tax again, hello government I already paid taxes on that money.

Beverley Campbell

No one has YET mentioned that these unvetted illegal immigrants (coming from upstate New York, if you want to add a bit of comedy) are entering this country without being screened for communicable diseases. The threat of a global pandemic is one of the ways in which this world could end. Is no one following up on them? They should be quarantined until cleared for communicable diseases which are prevalent on a world wide basis
PS I am the furthest thing from racist that could possibly be so don’t try that miserable tactic.