Illegal Border Crossing Crisis Causing Massive Backlog As IRB Requests Over $110 Million More Taxpayer Dollars

Report says workers are asking when it will officially “be considered a crisis.”

The continued surge of illegal border crossers, and the refusal of the Trudeau government to stop the illegal crossings, is causing a rising backlog of asylum claims.

And it’s going to cost Canadians big-time – if the IRB gets their way.

According to the CP, “The arms-length agency that processes refugee claims in Canada estimated it would need twice as much money as it will ultimately receive to significantly tackle a major backlog in asylum claims, caused in part from an influx of irregular migrants. Documents obtained under access-to-information law show the Immigration and Refugee Board drafted costing estimates in November 2017 showing it would need $140 million annually plus an additional $40 million in one-time costs to finalize 36,000 extra refugee cases every year.”

So far, the government has given over $70 million to the IRB to deal with the costs – but that covered just two years.

This is the problem with refusing to enforce Canada’s borders. Canadian taxpayers will pay the price, with over $110 million more likely to be diverted from the priorities of Canadian citizens towards dealing with those who entered Canada illegally.

And while the Trudeau government claims it’s not a ‘crisis,’ IRB employees are reportedly using that exact term:

“The documents also reveal employees processing the claims have raised concerns about heavy workloads, problems with their pay due to the Phoenix pay system and have pressed management about when the influx of claims will be considered a crisis.”

This is a clear example of how deceptive and dishonest the Trudeau government is. They demonized the Conservatives for calling the illegal border crossings a ‘crisis,’ yet those actually working on dealing with the surge of claims are saying it’s a ‘crisis.’

Canada needs a government that will actually enforce our laws, enforce our borders, and make clear that – while Canada is open to legal immigration, illegal immigration will not be tolerated.

Spencer Fernando


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