CORRUPT: Saudi Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Canadian Women Fled Canada After Saudi Embassy Paid His Bail

Mohammed Zuraibi Alzoabi was facing a charge of sexually assaulting a women in Cape Breton. Now, he’s nowhere to be found.

A Saudi man who was facing a charge of sexual assault of a women in Cape Breton had his bail paid by Saudi Arabia, who also appear to have helped him flee the country, and hence flee justice.

Here are the latest details, according to a CP report:

“Nova Scotia’s prosecution service says Mohammed Zuraibi Alzoabi had $37,500 of his bail posted by the Saudi Arabian embassy last year in relation to the alleged sexual assault, assault and forcible confinement of the woman between Aug. 1, 2015 and March 26, 2017.

Alzoabi is also facing separate charges of dangerous driving and assault with a car in a December 2015 incident involving a Cape Breton man.

The money the kingdom provided for Alzoabi’s bail last year was forfeited when he failed to appear in court last Monday.

A court document says the sheriff unsuccessfully tried to locate Alzoabi on Dec. 8, and quotes his lawyer at the time, David Iannetti, as saying Alzoabi “fled the country some time ago,” even though police had seized his passport.”

According to a legal expert, there’s a good chance that Alzoabi was given embassy documents from the Saudi embassy, which he would have used to leave the country.

This is appalling, yet it’s no surprise coming from the corrupt Saudi regime.

It also shows the stark differences between Canada and Saudi Arabia:

We welcomed a Saudi woman fleeing oppression after she renounced Islam and faced significant danger. 

Saudi Arabia corruptly got someone out of Canada so they could flee justice and accountability.

It’s long past time that Canada cuts off trade with the Saudis and shows some respect for ourselves as a nation:

“Now a story emerges that a Saudi man facing charges for sexually assaulting a Canadian Citizen fled the country after Saudi embassy posted his bail. When the hell are we going to show some self-respect as a country and cut off weapon sales to the Saudis and ban their oil?”

Spencer Fernando


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Canada will not regain its self-respect until and if we rid ourselves of Trudeau and his dangerous failure of a government.


What is appalling is our legal system allowed the SA Embassy pay his bail, yet expected him to appear for his trial. Naive? Being the skeptic I am, don’t think so.

don morris

99% of imports into Canada from Saudi Arabia, unsurprisingly, is OIL. We export a wide variety of products to them, they ship us, or Irving Oil more correctly, 80,000 barrels per day to the Irving refinery in New Brunswick. Canada could enact a total embargo on SA, but as long as the people who really run this country make big bucks of SA oil, we can forget about that. It wouldn’t make much difference to SA anyway, as they can easily find other markets for their oil. It would make a difference to Irving, though the shortfall could be made… Read more »


So who paid immigration to let him out of country with no passport and a criminal record?


Maybe it is best that he left, because if a trial was held he probably wouldn’t have been convicted because of the left wing judges we have, and he most likely would have received compensation for putting him through this injustice!


So the lawyer knew he fled Canada some time ago well the lawyer needs to be held accountable and disbarred