Communist China Is Abusing Kidnapped Canadians

Kept in prison cells with lights never turned out, long interrogations, and almost no access to Canadian officials.

Unsurprisingly, the ruthless Chinese Communist State is abusively treating the Canadians that were kidnapped as bargaining chips following the detention of the Huawei CFO.

According to reporters Robert Fife & Sean Silcoff, Canada’s Ambassador to China John McCallum told a closed-door group of MPs that Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are being ‘mistreated.’

The report says the Canadians are “being kept in prison cells where the lights are on 24 hours a day, said sources at the hearing who were not allowed to publicly discuss what the envoy said. Authorities are also subjecting them to lengthy interrogations.”

Additionally, the Canadians are only able to meet with Canadian officials once a month for just 30 minutes. Their conversations are also all monitored.

They have also been denied access to a lawyer.

Contrast this with how Meng Wanzhou – the Huawei CFO – was treated in Canada. After her arrest, she was granted the full protections of Canada’s legal system, including access to a lawyer. She was treated humanly and granted bail. Now, she is sitting at her Vancouver mansion.

Canadians are waking up to the fact that China is an opponent and ideological enemy of Canada, not a friend. China won’t hesitate to treat Canadians like disposable garbage, and we must be under no illusions about what the Communist State is really all about: Power and domination for the Communist Party at all costs.

The longer the Trudeau government goes without taking strong retaliatory steps against China – including banning Huawei – the more China will sense weakness from Canada, and the more Canadians will be put at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau is a weakling, a little p**sy. The Chinese have nothing to fear. They would NEVER abuse American citizen. They fear Trump.


Trudeau and Freeland were right there front and centre to criticize the Saudi killing of Jamal Khashoggi which didn’t even really concern Canada. Now, when Canadian citizens are being tortured in China, he has nothing to say about that. He is worse than useless as a “leader”. I don’t know if there ever was a worse Prime Minister than he is. All he knows how to do is virtue signal, but when the going gets rough, he doesn’t have a clue.

Paul Pogue

My sense is you haven’t a clue how to deal with a bully state


Trudeau readily admitted he is an admirer of the Communist Chinese system of dictatorship. They get things done without interference from citizens. That is what he wants for Canada. Trudeau is dangerous.

Moe. S.

It takes a great deal of courage to rescue people. Unfortunately, Trudeau is not a courageous person. A courageous person would have banned Huawei when Canada’s allies did. Had Trudeau made that decision to ban China’s 5G network from Canada we would be standing alone. Trudeau has put us in national security risk and a hostage situation. Just my opinion.

Moe. S.

correction: Had Trudeau made that decision to ban China’s 5G network from Can, we would NOT be standing alone.


We are at war just no one has officially declared it yet. China the new Germany with visions of ruling the world.

Major Tom

Is Justin weeping yet?

Ed Peebles


Percy Bauri

I do not buy any Chinese products including food or anything else for as long as I can remember. If I cannot find that product mde in Noth America, Europe, rest of Asia, South America, Africa, then I will do without that product. If each of us will bycott in buying any and all Chinese producs, we will definitely impact China economically. This should be done not only by Canadians but with the rest of the world. Then only will the Chinese Government feel the pinch and thus bring them down on their knees.

shawn harris

From the first moves that China made, Trudeau should have been decisive, pursuing strong actions and showing courage to demand the release of Canadians held by China. But he chose to do nothing, which has only given China even more power and courage to do whatever it wants. Trudeau, if he can get the job done, allow someone, anyone to do what he has failed to do; get our citizens freed. Also now is the best time to cut all relations with China, while still demanding the release of our citizens. After all, Harper made the right choice with Iran,… Read more »