VIDEO: Conservatives Rip Trudeau For Raising Taxes On Working Canadians While Protecting His Massive Family Fortune

“He inherited a fortune. Now he’s costing families a fortune,” says Conservative ad.

In a new ad, the Conservatives are slamming Justin Trudeau as a “high-tax hypocrite.”

They say he’s raising taxes on working people, while protecting his massive family fortune.

The video goes through various ways Trudeau is taking or tried taking more money from working Canadians, including taxing employee discounts, and tax hikes on family farms and local Canadian businesses.

Meanwhile, Trudeau didn’t pay taxes on the value of his vacation to the Aga Khan’s billionaire island, and his family used an ‘estate trust,’ to lower their tax bill on their multi-million dollar family fortune.

As the Conservatives say in the ad – referencing Trudeau and Bill ‘Moneybags’ Morneau, “These millionaires want you to pay more, while they protect their family fortunes.”

You can watch the ad below:

“Justin Trudeau is a high-tax hypocrite who raises costs for working people, but protects the multimillion-dollar family fortune he inherited. He inherited a family fortune. Now he’s costing families a fortune.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Facts and so much more to the story!

don morris

It is never mentioned, but right after the Trudeaus founded the Pierre E.Trudeau Foundation, PM Jean Chretien gave $125 million taxpayer’s dollars to that Foundation.

Justin Trudeau is the ultimate trough hog, born on the taxpayer’s dime, lived his entire life on the taxpayer’s dime, and is now fabulously wealthy,all on the taxpayers of Canada. He never earned a cent in his entire life.

No wonder he is so out of touch with us ordinary folks who have to pay Bills and make ends meet.


Trudeau must raise taxes to pay for his huge debit.


And as soon as Scheer gets push back from that add he will pull it just like his Illegal Immigration add. Don’t want to offend the media.


This moron is a disgrace. Canada is doomed if this mediocre human being gets another term.


Turdo only has a “family foundation”. It’s the families that own the banks that preserve the “family foundations” that pull the strings.


He never had a massive fortune until he became PM so guess where it came from since then?