PATHETIC WEAKNESS: Behind Closed Doors, Liberal Ambassador John McCallum Sides With Communist China In Extradition Case

No wonder Canadians are being treated so horribly by China. They can do whatever they want to us and the Liberals still roll over.

In a pathetic display of craven weakness, Liberal Ambassador to China John McCallum is apparently siding with Communist China in the Meng Wanzhou extradition case.

There have been multiple reports that McCallum held closed-door talks with Chinese-language media, talks that purposely excluded English-language media to the extent that the Liberals tried keeping it a secret.

However, video has now surfaced showing what McCallum said.

McCallum is now taking the side of Communist China, using the exact same wording and rhetoric the Communist state has used.

He’s criticizing our ally the United States, and basically giving tips to Meng Wanzhou on how she can fight extradition.

It’s among the most pathetic displays of weakness seen by anyone in a Canadian government, and it is an absolute disgrace.

And the fact that English-language media was excluded is appalling and totally anti-democratic.

Even CBC reporters are outraged:

“Remember how we reported last night Canada is starting to publicly point out the US is behind the arrest, throw the blame at Washington, and that Canada is frustrated? McCallum takes it waaaaaaaaay further in this scrum with Chinese media in Canada.”

Also, a reporter aside, kinda furious we were not given a heads up about any sort of media avail with McCallum in Canada. What the hell is that about???

Clearly, McCallum and the Trudeau Liberal government has now chosen the path of disloyalty, weakness, and sucking up to Communist China.

Not only is this disgusting, but it’s dangerous, because China is now seeing that no matter how badly they treat Canadians, the Canadian government still rolls over for them. In fact, China will likely see this as confirmation that their abuse of Canadians is getting them what they wanted, and will incentivize them to kidnap more Canadians.

Pathetic weakness has consequences, and Canadians are going to pay the price for the weakness of ‘our’ government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Why are we surprised!!! The ambassador is a former Liberal cabinet minister and perpetually inebriated at that.Trudeau Liberals have surrendered without firing a shot … a bunch of fascist self appointed leaders and usurpers.Pathetic indeed.


This Liberal Government, ALL it’s members, are deeply offensive and weak. Seems Canada and Canadians don’t matter to them. They seem to be doing whatever it takes to destroy this amazing Country. What has Trudeau accomplished that is positive?



We cannot get rid of them fast enough. Why do they have such deep hatred and contempt for Canada and Canadians?

Van Wyck

McCallum is an embarassment that just won’t go away. Another example of a dangerous Liberal clown.

Moe. S.

Today’s Toronto Sun cartoon depiction of a huge head of a menacing panda bear with a cartoon Canadian beaver in the clutches of the panda’s teeth. Speaks volumes to Canada’s present and future relationship with China.

shawn harris

McCallum like his boss Trudeau are traitors to Canada and Canadians.How many more Canadians have to be sacrificed upon Trudeau’s communist altar, all to show China just how submitted he is to doing everything China wants. Trudeau with his deceitful blessing of McCallum’s actions and words have proven beyond any doubt that Trudeau must be charged tried and convicted of treason. No other country has sacrificed their citizens the way Trudeau has. And all because he is an admitted admirer of China’s basic form of dictatorship. And you can bet, that Trudeau will do absolutely nothing , even after China… Read more »

Moe. S.

Ah yes, John McCallum is the same idiot who was quoted as saying, “Canada has more in common with China than the United States under Donald Trump.” The citizens of Canada do NOT need an apologist for China from within our own government!

Eric Blair

Surely the Minister of Foreign Affairs (or whatever this ministry is called now) Chrystia Freeland, at least ought to be beside McCallum in the news conference with the Chinese Canadian media. It is obvious to all that being the Ambassador to China is the toughest post to hold for anyone who is a Canadian ambassador and yet we have a rookie “diplomate” in this position. Spencer, I like your referral to McCallum as the Liberal Ambassador to China as that is exactly what he is.

Ed Peebles

It is easy to Brain Wash a Liberal Because the Brain is so small to Begin with !


This is unbelievable. As McCallum and Trudeau clearly are not working for Canadians but seem to be actively working against us, how can they have any ounce of legitimacy or credibility to govern? Since they like to roll over on their backs and do tricks for the Chinese, can they lick their own balls too? Do they have any balls? This is humiliating for all Canadians and once again Justin follows his family legacy of incompetence and betrayal of our allies, while sucking up to dictators. Disgraceful.

Major Tom

So…..if Justin wears Muslim socks…..does that mean John has a red star on his shorts??

Karen Anderson

Why should we be surprised !!!

Brian Dougan

“Winning!!!!” Every pathetic loss is a “win.” That’s Trudope’s twisted perspective on his–and his cabinets– bungles and breathtaking incompetence. Mark my words: This country will one day be invaded by the Chinese. Don’t laugh. They despise us; they want our land; vast resources, and abundant clean water. All they have to do is march in, and take what they want. This is a land of “unwalled” villages–no defense; no motivation to defend itself. Pretty easy to invade from our north. Canada refuses to stake a claim up there. Russia may join them as well. They’re both in close proximity.

K Garner

Not to defend McCallum but is it possible that the 2 Canadians that China are holding will be killed hence the “consequences” statement by the Chinese ambassador?


When I was a child my mother said “that people will judge you by the company you keep”. How much more can the Liberals spew out before Canadians judge them and see them for what they are. October 2019 will be a real eye opener to who we are.

Jerry Ram

Alas, the poor guy has the beginning stages of dementia! And yes, he should be fired. he does not speak for me and he does not know when to shut up!