Trudeau Liberals Spending Another $114 MILLION Taxpayer Dollars On Illegal Border Crossers

That’s money that can’t be spent on Canadian Citizens.

Canadian taxpayers are being fleeced again.

Because the Trudeau government refuses to enforce our border laws and continue to allow illegal crossings from the United States, taxpayers are on the hook for even more money going towards the costs of illegal crossers.

The Trudeau Liberals have announced that another $114.7 million will be given to municipalities and provinces, as the cost of housing the illegal crossers adds up.

The government is calling it “federal interim lodging facilities.”

Of course, we know that this means money is not going towards Canadian Citizens. Every dollar spent on people illegally in Canada is a dollar stolen from the needs of Canadian Citizens.

And there’s no end in sight.

With their open borders policies, and their signing of the UN Compact on Migration which pushes for legislation that gives away control over our own immigration system, as long as the Trudeau Liberals remain in power we can expect that the border will continue to be breached by illegal crossers, and Canadian Citizens will keep on paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

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Do you know what the total cost is thus far based on your previous articles?

It would be really interesting to know the grand total thus far as this will definitely be a major talking point during the election.

We would also like to make a series of videos that lays out all of the statistics/data.

Moe. S.

I suggest you include in your video the Trudeau pledge to the United Nations of $752 million in humanitarian aid. Google: Trudeau Pledges $64.5 million in Humanitarian Aid UN Conference Sept 19th/2016. The 64 million was a 10% increase that fiscal yr. from the $684 million pledged in 2015. Also, check out Canada’s agreement with the UNHCR and the Open Society Foundations (George Soros) The UNHCR is the United Nations High Commission for Refugees out of New York City. Google: UNHCR, Canada, Open Society Foundations. There is a gov’t news release dated Sept 16, 2016, on gov’t letterhead outlining the… Read more »


This is absolutely disgusting, Trudeau and his corrupt government is the worst enemy of Canada. A nation without borders is not a country. We need laws in Canada to protect us against corrupt government. Our taxes should go to help Canadian citizens not for illegal immigrants, or other Countries problems. We need to vote Trudeau OUT, his policies are corrupt and insane!


All homeless should show up at the border, quickly step across to the American side, instantly step back and claim asylum. This might not work well though unless they have designer luggage full of new clothes and a new cell phone. The Liberal cops would have to simply let Canadian homeless cross to the States as their job is to carry luggage for illegals. Where did Trudeau come up with the $114.7 million? A suspicious number based on something, but what? Trudeau owes Ontario twice as much and Quebec even more. Victoria has been waiting for the millions they need… Read more »


Of course this $114 million does NOT include the $25,000 per household hush money paid to Roxham Road residents not to complain about the tsunami of illegals flooding across the border.


Trudeau is useless. My Question, these people are breaking the law, thus the term illegals, then why the hell aren’t the RCMP standing up to Trudeau. Why isn’t Scheer DEMAND the border be closed, demand the RCMP act.


Another thing that bothers me is all these LIEberal/ndp sanctuary cities who voted to be sanctuary cities, should have told the public who supported this and elected these mayors and council, that it meant that the cities who voted for this should have raised their taxes to cover these costs?? Why should all Canadians pay?? When to me it is obvious they supported paying for illegal immigrants. Unfortunately I live in a Lieberal/ndp sanctuary city and do not support it, or the Lieberal/ndp giveaways of our country, but it is another division in our unity in Canada.


January 30, follow up. Toronto mayor Tory just announced that the city has to raise taxes because the feds have not given then enough to cover last years costs for illegal immigration and so far nothing is being covered yet, just a say so from the feds, but no actual amount yet, ah wanna re direct your votes away from LIEberal/ndp? or yet again pay more taxes for your sanctuary city in the Toronto Sun.

Moe. S.

Canada’s regulated immigration policy was developed to prevent lawlessness. Many prior Federal governments knew that ‘lawlessness breeds more lawlessness.’ Once a gov’t decides to normalize one form of law-breaking i.e., illegal economic migrants other forms of law-breaking will follow until finally the ‘rule of law’ itself is in jeopardy. Canadians are witnessing assaults on its rule of law immigration policy by illegal migrants. Trudeau’s refusal not to enforce Canada’s immigration policy has literally seeded control of our immigration policy to people living outside our borders. Our national sovereignty is meaningless and formal immigration policy void. Canadians are being forced to… Read more »


He thinks he is saving tax payer money as he doesn’t have to pay the dollar difference and transfer fees to send money to some other country

Romulo Lim

Can the Liberals spend money without any budget and is this legal ?


Is anyone following the money? My bet is that massive transfers are being made to the UN. Some $ will be held back for illegal asylum seekers and some will find its way to Liberal Party coffers in Quebec. Change my mind.