Trudeau Liberals Spending Another $114 MILLION Taxpayer Dollars On Illegal Border Crossers

That’s money that can’t be spent on Canadian Citizens.

Canadian taxpayers are being fleeced again.

Because the Trudeau government refuses to enforce our border laws and continue to allow illegal crossings from the United States, taxpayers are on the hook for even more money going towards the costs of illegal crossers.

The Trudeau Liberals have announced that another $114.7 million will be given to municipalities and provinces, as the cost of housing the illegal crossers adds up.

The government is calling it “federal interim lodging facilities.”

Of course, we know that this means money is not going towards Canadian Citizens. Every dollar spent on people illegally in Canada is a dollar stolen from the needs of Canadian Citizens.

And there’s no end in sight.

With their open borders policies, and their signing of the UN Compact on Migration which pushes for legislation that gives away control over our own immigration system, as long as the Trudeau Liberals remain in power we can expect that the border will continue to be breached by illegal crossers, and Canadian Citizens will keep on paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

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