VIDEO: Speaker Announces That Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio Has Resigned

Di Iorio had long been absent from the House of Commons, which had prompted calls for an investigation.

Nicola Di Iorio has resigned.

The Liberal MP representing the riding of Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel had been absent from the House of Commons for sometime.

He had been gone for months and repeatedly said he would resign, setting deadlines of January 22 or January 28, both of which he missed.

He had said there were ‘family reasons’ for his planned departure, but had kept working a a lawyer. He had also claimed that Trudeau approved of his absence.

The whole thing was quite odd.

The NDP had called for an investigation into his absence from the House.

But now, Di Iorio has finally resigned.

Here’s what the Speaker of the House said today:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Just wishing the rest of the lieberals would resign. I also hope that the Vivian Krause report was read in the Commons, I am wishing for too much, as this would change the whole election thing in Canada, there has been just too much proof out there of how corrupt our democracy and politicians really are and so connected to the USA’s demonrats they are all run by one world billionaires who do not care if we have homes or can eat etc.. Grassroots unit, we have to stop them before our lives are destroyed, like in all socialist, communist… Read more »


All of Canada anxiously awaits Trudeau’s resignation.