Report Reveals Secret Concerns About Trudeau Government Interfering In Media

Blacklocks Reporter finds government memo that “cautions against federal meddling in media under the guise of combating fake news.”

On the day that the Trudeau government releases their so-called election ‘security’ plan, Blacklocks Reporter has revealed a once-secret department of industry memo showing concerns about the Trudeau government “meddling in media,” using the fight against ‘fake news’ as the excuse.

Here’s a key excerpt:

“The memo said any federal action against fake news could have consequences for free speech, and that remedies were already found in the private sector. “It is important that we enable private sector leadership, innovation governance approaches and new business models to flourish,” wrote staff.

“Policies that constrain the flow of data, free speech, consumer choice or the rights of businesses to innovate online would impede economic potential,” said Advice.”

The report also notes “Surveillance of digital media would coincide with cabinet’s promised $595 million bail-out fund for newspapers. Cabinet in its November 21 Fall Economic Statement proposed to award subsidies to publishers deemed reliable. No criteria have been disclosed to date.”

This is a serious concern. The Trudeau government is clearly using the worldwide discourse on ‘fake news’ as an excuse to impose federal government power over social media and free speech in order to improve their election prospects.

It’s anti-democratic, and it’s disturbing.

The full Blacklocks report can be read at the link below, and I encourage you to take a look:


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter