VIDEO: Watch CBC President Catherine Tait Compare Netflix To British & French Empires


Catherine Tait – the head of the CBC – is facing a growing backlash for her insane comments at a recent panel.

As I reported yesterday, Tait said, “So I’m going to just go a little off script. because I was thinking about the British Empire, and how if you were there and you were the Viceroy of India, you would feel that you were doing only good for the people of India.”

“If you were in French Africa,” she continued, “you would think, ‘I’m educating them, I’m bringing their resources to the world and I am helping them.’ Fast forward to what happens after imperialism and the damage that can do to local communities. So all I would say is, let us be mindful of how it is we as Canadians respond to global companies coming into our country.”

She also compared Netflix to the “beginning of a new empire.”

Now, video of her comments has been released. As you can see below, the reaction from the crowd shows how off-base she was:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter