POLL: Trudeau Has Big Lead In Quebec, Bloc Catches Up To Conservatives

Unless something big changes, it looks increasingly likely that the Conservatives best chance to win is through a dominant performance in Western Canada combined with wins in rural and suburban Ontario.

The Conservatives have been doing all the politically-correct things to try and win support in Quebec, including in agreeing to give Quebec more control over their immigration system and give the Quebec provincial government the power to collect all federal tax revenue in the province – even though other provinces aren’t given the same power.

Yet, the pandering doesn’t appear to have worked.

A new Leger poll shows the Liberals with 39% in Quebec, while the Conservatives are far back at 21%.

Ominously for the Conservatives, the once-moribund Bloc Quebecois has caught up and is also at 21%.

And in further concerning news for Andrew Scheer, the People’s Party led by Maxime Bernier is at 6%.

As always, the numbers for the NDP are horrendous. Having once dominated in Quebec federally under Jack Layton, and winning a decent amount of seats in 2015 under Tom Mulcair, the NDP now led by Jagmeet Singh are facing a total wipeout, having fallen to just 8%.

If the People’s Party continues gaining support, and if the Bloc remains around 20%, the Conservatives will struggle to make any real gains in Canada’s second largest province.

That’s why Scheer should abandon his strategy of pandering to Quebec. After all, most Quebec residents don’t like the pandering, since it’s really directed at Quebec’s political class rather than the population at large. Additionally, the pandering angers the Conservative base and angers people in the rest of the country.

For the Conservatives to win, it’s looking increasingly like they will need to focus on the West + Ontario. If they can dominate in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and then win over those who voted for Doug Ford in Ontario, the Conservatives will have a substantial number of seats. Combined with their support in rural BC, and if they can chip away at the Liberal support in Atlantic Canada, a path to victory is certainly there for the Conservatives.

Remember, in the 2011 majority win, the Conservatives won nearly 50% of the popular vote outside of Quebec, and had enough seats that they would have had a majority even if they lost every Quebec seat.

If the Conservatives focus on trying to appease the Quebec political class, they will only depress their own supporters. And no amount of pandering will stop the Conservatives from still being slammed by the establishment media and potentially facing another illegally-funded anti-Conservative campaign pushed by disloyal groups acting on behalf of U.S. billionaires.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

We can not afford another 4 years of Turdeau and his gang of thugs


Time has arrived for Canada to secede from Quebec.

Ken (Kulak)

Trying to please your enemies will not make them your friends but show them that you are weak.


It just shows that Quebec receives mega millions more than the rest of Canada and because Justine is a Trudeau. Time to separate from Quebec because they are clueless about politics and the damage he is doing to Canada. An immature child was chosen to lead the country and he has proven that since the day he was voted in. Canada will never be the same so be afraid be very afraid.


I absolutely agree.


I truly and sincerely believe and hope and pray that if trudeau and his goon squads get reelected, that all of the rest of Canada except for Quebec and Ontario secede, leave these idiots to rot, and create their own separate country. Please let it be so. Most of those under 35 just don’t get it…they just do not realize that trudeau and his acolytes are on the Road To Hell. That they truly do harbor fascist ideologies that WILL destroy their way of life.


I look forward to Western Separation. Horgan can see the writing on the wall and is currently in talks with the Government in Washington. The Western Republic doesn’t need BC. Just imagine what the Republic will be able to accomplish with the $12 billion saved each year that Quebec gets in welfare cheques as well as the billions saved from the Trudeau Carbon Taxation. Ontario is more than welcome to join along in freeing Canada from Trudeau and Quebec. No Liberals, Conservatives, NDP or Greens. We need new Parties with new plans and thoughts. A whole new way of Government… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Messianic, Ontario is now conservative and should also secede from Confederation!!! We can build a wall around parliament hill and a wall around Toronto! The First Nations own the land parliament hill is on, anyways!

louis Joannette

i do not think so as no one can stand him the big spender.
hawkeye first nation/ oeil de faucon premiere nation.


Even the Americans wonder why we have a strange love of being ruled by one specially privileged province when we have a whole country that seems to kow tow, accepting this unfair corruption, we need to separate and do what they threatened us with in the past – leave the debt with them and their fake rulers, as they used to threaten the rest of Canada with, they have cost our way too much.


The only way (and most obvious way) to avoid another 4 years of the village idiot is for the PPC and CPC to merge. That means the CPC is going to have to abandon Liberal-lite policy, embrace conservatism (classical liberalism) again, and make Max deputy leader. Otherwise we all suffer.
The reason the PPC exists is because real conservatives are [email protected]#@ off and frustrated with weak leadership in the CPC, while still having them dangle the carrot of conservative principle in exchange for votes and money, to only then fail on delivering on them.

Eric Blair

Trudeau with a lead in Quebec?? Who were they polling? Sounds like the polling done that showed Hillary with a huge lead over Trump. I can believe that the Bloc has gained a lot of potential votes but not Trudeau.

Karen Dworkin

Well the bloc was without a leader for awhile so once they got one they seem to have caught fire.

alan skelhorne

i don,t believe this bs story , not one bit

Karen Dworkin

I believe it because Sheerdeau would not promise to cut immigration by 20% into Quebec like Trudeau did. Also the Bloc was without a leader for awhile so now they have one they are catching fire

John Trainor

forget quebec…….they always vote their own interests……..they can have him…..rest of the country needs to boot him.


I agree John. I can’t seem to swallow the pill that is already our debt and here he is again giving millions away. I was shocked to hear that he is the lead in Quebec. I honestly believe unless there is a drastic change in the way people see things in this country he will be re elected. People need to seriously look at Provinces other than their own to see what a mess this country is in. This budget will never balance itself like Trudeau said it would. The debt on the backs of Canadians is a heavy load… Read more »

Karen Dworkin

Incredible how the Bloc is coming on strong here now.. I think their numbers along with Bernier’s will rise..No we certainly do not want Scheerdeau in Quebec. Have to think this through since I do not want Trudeau either two sides of the same coin to me

William Roberts

“Trudeau” is still a French name. Sheer is not.Mulroney did well in Quebec and surprisingly John Diefenbaker did really good .But Andrew Sheer would have to spend the entire campaign in Quebec to garner any kind of realistic chance of winning Conservative seats. Thats just the way it is. Its name recognition and everyone and their dog knows Trudeau unfortunately.


Frankly speaking, with all of justin illegals brought into canada would vote for justin in the next election. And as long the media remain extremely quiet about justin’s disaster and his explosive illegals entering canada, and making Justin look holy and thou, there is no doubt he will win again.
However, if Sheer wins, the media will blame him for every disaster left behind by the liberal government.
Andrew Scheer will have no chance delivering his policies, the media will see to that. It will be up to canadians to decide which direction they want to go.

Ed Peebles

“Dog’s always Know just what to do with polls!”


How is it possible that the Bloc are considered a national Party? They are provincial. Why oh why do we continue to pay Quebec to stay in Canada?

Norbert Kausen

SERIOUSLY?????!!!!! HOW CAN THAT BE?????? It is time that the provinces secede and Canada is dissolved! It is NOT a country any longer!!!

Norbert Kausen

OOOOOHHHH, The Leger poll… well that means NOTHING and is only FAKE NEWS!!!!


God help us if Trudeau gets in again, another four years of Trudeau’s diversity politics and his spending, high taxes, open borders, taking our freedom away, our country and our way of life will be destroyed. Trudeau’s New world order.

shawn harris

The only poll that matters is the one on election day, not one done 8 months before the election. And as is often the case any political party can have what amounts to an insurmountable lead in a poll and then the next poll comes out and their lead has evaporated. As the election date comes closer, then the voters will focus more closely to what is being said and what has been done. By then Trudeau and his Liberals won’t look so appealing and then this poll will be considered of no value, other than to get conservatives all… Read more »

mike smith

Impossible the Bloc has that high of a number, for one thing a couple months back a bunch of the Bloc MP’s quit and went independent, So they lost those areas and the Independents will probably win those ridings anyways.

John Prevost

Time to establish a new Country, a country that looks after it’s citizens first and then helps other nations when it’s economically feasible.

don morris

Now watch Scheer pull out all the stops to win Quebec, and almost ignore the West. The two major Parties have always suckholed to Quebec, giving them disproportionate numbers in Cabinet and of course more equalization payments than the rest of Canada combined. Scheer has no real chance in Quebec and the Maritimes, 78 seats in Que., 32 in the Maritimes. He will be lucky to win 10 seats total in Q/M. The CPC has little chance in the Maritimes unless Scheer promises to outperform the Liberals with make work projects,which is how the Liberals always buy the Maritimes vote.… Read more »