VIDEO: Remember All The Way Back *Checks Notes* – Yesterday – When Trudeau Said Wilson-Raybould’s “Presence In Cabinet Should Actually Speak For Itself”


Yesterday, Justin Trudeau said this about Jody Wilson-Raybould and the SNC-Lavalin PMO scandal that is spiralling out of control:

“In our system of government, her presence in cabinet should actually speak for itself.”

Today, Jody Wilson-Raybould resigned and hired a former Supreme Court Justice to advise her on what she can legally say about the scandal.

“Just yesterday, Justin Trudeau claimed that Jody Wilson-Raybould still being in the cabinet shows there was no big issue or problem. Now, she’s gone, as is another of Trudeau’s pathetic and dishonest evasions. This scandal has just been blown wide open.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Paul Cook

As I have stated, Mr. Dress Up has no room left in his mouth as he has both feet in it.
If he was only semi intelligent he would see the writing is on the wall and start singing “Kumbaya” and sit by the campfire with all the other campers.

D. Jerome Hauk

Her newly-hired lawyer is an old family friend of the Trudeaus; that could mean that she may have a deal to remain not speaking, and once the ethics process is initiated, this will provide Trudeau with legal cover not to answer questions. This may well turn out the be a very astute end-run by the PM.

Brian Dougan

Figured as much. I feel my hope fading. She could have hired any legal top gun–why this guy?


No. I disagree. This man is never left or right in his political views. His professional integrity comes first, as it represents his person.

Diane DiFlorio

I do hope there are consequences for Trudeau – not like the other events that seemed to get swept away


Yes, Jodie has silently spoken and the whole world has heard her. And I thank her for her dedication and unselfish contribution to the people of Canada.

Don Taylor

This dopey SOB will never learn to keep his mouth shut or learn how to answer questions that doesn’t make himself look like a Fool


Trudeau has both of his feet in his mouth and is not able to keep it shut. When was the last time Trudeau actually answered a question in Question Period except blaming it on Stephen Harper?


Yes…… Isn’t it wonderful, that JT’s own mouth will remove all doubt of his incompetence.


The entire political world is watching Trudeau exceed his best before date of 02/12/2019. I wonder if Lavalin is cleaning their hard-drives?