BREAKING: In Shocking Development, Gerald Butts Resigns From PMO

Trudeau’s long-time friend and most powerful advisor is out as the PMO scandal continues to escalate.

Gerald Butts is leaving the PMO.

In a bombshell development, Trudeau’s Principal Advisor, long-time friend, and most powerful political staff member has announced that he’s leaving the PMO as the SNC-Lavalin scandal continues to surge out of control.

Here’s the statement from Butts:

Gerald Butts Statement

This is an absolutely stunning development.

Butts had a massive amount of power, and was so influential that Trudeau once told his MPs that anything they got told by Butts should be assumed to be from Trudeau himself.

However, many people didn’t like Gerald Butts, as he centralized power and control in the PMO.

Additionally, Butts was a big part of the absolutely disastrous policies implemented by the Ontario Liberals, and brought those same destructive policies to Ottawa.

Now, Canadians are asking why Butts would resign if he supposedly did nothing wrong, and it’s clear that the PMO scandal only continues to grow each day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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don morris

Well,it had to be Butts,Telford,or Trudeau that resigned and I suppose the idea was that the unphotogenic and heartily disliked Butts departure would satisfy the wolves in the media for a while, and the like-minded Telford can continue to assist the Prince With No brain.

I wonder what soft cushion has been prepared for Butts to land on. Perhaps the Rebel media will keep an eye on this as the rest of the msm undoubtedly will not.


Butts is just another Communist and it’s high time he got out of Canadian government.


Here’s something I found. Apparently, this was in the Toronto Sun – Interesting fact im trying to get my head around. The Quebec pension fund owns the majority of shares of SNC- Lavalin. One of the biggest clients of SNC-Lavalin is non other than Saudi Arabia. As I sit here scratching my head I believe I know now why Quebec will have nothing to do with a pipeline going through the province.
Just thought you all may want to see this Folks

Dennis Martens

Butts quits the plot thickens, trudeau needs a fall guy and butts is it, corruption at it’s best,we need to hold trudeau and his liberals accountable for their crimes,jail time

Gonzo the Magnificent

Hallelujah! PTL! One more down; and a big one at that! Let’s hear all the Liberal acolytes spin this one now. That party might be nearing an inflection point….hopefully.


Butts was just one thing that was very wrong in the PMO. Who will be next?

Eric Blair

As one pundit said of this announcement “The Prime Minister of Canada resigned leaving only our ceremonial leader Justin Trudeau to fulfill all duties”.
We all know how true that is.
Question is who will now prepare Trudeau’s lines for him to read out? Oh wait… it still will be Butts though it will be transmitted via some device or other to Trudeau.


He still has Katy Telford who writes for him and heads up communications. If Butts was the head, Telford is the mouth. Then there are the anons in Quebec, New York and the Greens like Mike Hudema, Tez Berman and many other on the left.

Fred Dimmick

Best news I’ve had today!

D Met

I echo the same sentiment: if he is not guilty then why would he resign? Of what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! Good riddance!

Doug Maenpaa

Maybe, Trudeaus incorrigible stupidity got to him?

Doubt it.


Wish you had upvote capability, Spencer.

Elizabeth Thorne

Good riddance.

Ken (Kulak)

Good riddance. But who will George use to control Canada’s government now?

Len Shier

Spencer — Trudeau is not “bailing out” the establishment media with all that money … he “buying out” the establishment media.


lets try this again…. RCMP need to investigate this case – it is accusation of a criminal action in question. How many Lavalin meetings was Butt involved in ??

Elizabeth Thorne

Headline—Butt OUT

Dave Allsopp

There is a strategy involved. He wouldn’t just bail.


I agree – either that or Butts got promised a massive job somewhere in the realms of Liberal payoffs. But he needs to be RCMP investigated as he was in many of Lavalin’s lobby meeting at the PMO – before the criminal law got slimed into the last budget ( the law that allows Lavalin – possibly- to avoid criminal prosecution.)


Crime Minister Trudeau should resign. The Liberial party going down! How Sweet!