POLL: 46% Of Canadians Say Canada Doing Worse Under Trudeau, Just 22% Say It’s Better

A clear indictment of Trudeau’s ‘leadership.’

In a clear sign that Canadians think Trudeau’s policies have failed, over twice as many people say our country is doing worse under Trudeau, compared to those who say it’s doing better.

Here are the key numbers of a new Leger poll:

46% say Canada is doing worse since Trudeau was elected.

22% say Canada is doing better.

27% say things are the same.

This is no surprise.

With the economy weakening, the cost of living surging, wages stagnant, and the government embroiled in a massive corruption scandal, Canadians are seeing that Trudeau’s leadership is a failure.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

the downfall of the Lieberal party under the number 1 dimwit

Eleanor Merkus

“Failure” is putting it rather nicely…..it’s a total disaster as far as I am concerned.


Trudeau and his hand-pick crew and failed every file that has been handed to them. I am surprised at those who are surprised at his failures. When you hand a Snow Boarder the reigns of the biggest corporation in Canada to a guy who has not even supervised a shift in a doughnut store what do you expect???


Dear Lord
Slap those 22% up side the head


“Doing worse” under Trudeau may be the understatement of 2019.

To the 22% who say he’s making this country better, may I ask in what way? I see no evidence of that.

shawn harris

Buried deep amongst the pile of Trudeau lies about just how great our economy is truly doing, is one irrefutable truth, that you can’t have a strong and successful economy by destroying it’s foundation, namely the oil industry and small businesses. Yet. this is exactly what Trudeau and Morneau have concentrated upon doing during their time in office. Raising taxes, regulations, punishing and demonizing small businesses,driving away investors and businessmen and proclaiming at every opportunity that Canada is closed for business. And, then to make absolutely certain Canada has an economy that is failing, introduce a carbon tax and say… Read more »