VIDEO: Andrew Scheer Demands Justin Trudeau’s Resignation

Scheer says he was “sickened and appalled” by the details revealed in Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony.

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer is calling for Justin Trudeau to resign.

Here’s the text of Scheer’s statement:

“Justin Trudeau simply cannot continue to govern this great nation now that Canadians know what he has done. That is why I am calling on Justin Trudeau to resign. Further, the RCMP must immediately open an investigation – if it has not already done so – into the numerous examples of obstruction of justice the former Attorney General detailed in her testimony.

The testimony Canadians have just heard from the former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould tells the story of a Prime Minister who has lost the moral authority to govern. A Prime Minister who allows his partisan political motivations to overrule his duty to uphold the rule of law. A Prime Minister who doesn’t know where the Liberal Party ends and where the Government of Canada begins. And a Prime Minister who has allowed a systemic culture of corruption to take root in his office and those of his most senior cabinet and public service colleagues.

I listened carefully to the testimony of the former Attorney General, and like Canadians, I was sickened and appalled by her story of inappropriate, and frankly illegal pressure brought to bear on her by the highest officials of Justin Trudeau’s government. All to let a Liberal-connected corporation off the hook on corruption charges.

Before Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s testimony, Canadians knew Justin Trudeau had engineered an unwanted, sustained, and co-ordinated attempt to get Ms. Wilson-Raybould to change her mind and stop the criminal trial of SNC-Lavalin. Today, thanks to Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s testimony, we now know just how intense those efforts were: ten meetings and ten phone calls involving eleven senior government officials relentlessly targeting Ms. Wilson-Raybould over a four month period – with the sole objective of bullying her into bending the law to benefit a well-connected corporation.

The details are as shocking as they are corrupt: multiple veiled threats to her job if she didn’t bow to their demands. Urgings to consider the consequences on election results and shareholder value above judicial due process. And reminders from Justin Trudeau to his Attorney General about his own electoral prospects should she allow SNC-Lavalin’s trial to proceed.

As Ms. Wilson-Raybould has so clearly articulated, the people Canadians entrusted to protect the integrity of our very nation were instead only protecting themselves and their friends.

Mr. Trudeau can no longer, in good standing and with a clear conscience, lead this great nation.

Canada should be a country where we are all equal under the law. Where nobody – regardless of wealth, status, or political connections – is above the law. I believe we can be that country again.”

Video of Scheer can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

I believe after listening to Jody’s statements today the Canadian will believe Jody Wilson Raybould, The many times that Justin Trudeau has lied is well known

Ripper cook

Mr. Dress Up is a spineless phony.
If he had any integrity and courage he would resign quietly and go to the campfire with all the other campers and sing “Kumbaya”.
What a looser.


Andrew Scheer is right, never again do we need a bankrupted immoral foreign run puppet government, if the RCMP does not charge them, then they too are corrupt. If the LIEberal party had an ethical person like Jody Wilson Raybould as prime minister, they could be respected again as an actual Liberal party, but she also must know how corrupt they have been for years and she seems to be very ethical, but is remaining in the LIEberal puppet party. Go RCMP get our country back! Charge, charge, charge… Go Andrew Scheer, and make Canada a fair lawful country, and… Read more »

Gordon E Surbey

I suspect that nothing short of an unbiased and thorough RCMP investigation will suffice to force Trudeau to resign. Ethics, the rule of law and democracy have never been at the forefront of the concerns of Trudeau and many of his supporters, only power and control to achieve their end-game of devolving Canada into a post-nationalist, globalist, UN dominated state.


I do not want Trudeau to resign. It would give the liberals the opportunity to put someonelse in his place that may once again get them in power. It is better for Trudeau to stay on, as I am sure his mouth, his arrogance and his deeds over the next 6 months will guarantee not only his retirement in October but the extinquishment of most of the current liberal MPs. Let 2018 Ontario history repeat itself.


There will only be a few jobs lost. Those jobs will be in the higher levels of that corrupt company, not the every day working men and women. There will always be construction work and those people will simply follow the next job. Other construction companies like PCL or Aecon will get Government contracts and life will go on. It is critical that we hear, under oath, from Morneau and his staff, Privy Council staff and everyone in the PMO. Everyone, including Justin Trudeau. I rather doubt Trudeau would answer truthfully and accurately, even under oath. Why would he start… Read more »


Trudeau is not going to resign and Scheer should just move onto other important issues. How did that man ever get selected to be PM when Max really had it? With Max we would win easily but with Scheer it’s like voting for a junior high school student. Trudeau will probably win again courteous of Scheer.