WHAT? Trudeau Said He Disagreed With Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Testimony, Then Said He Hadn’t Read It.

What a fool.

During his press conference responding to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony, Justin Trudeau said he was “definitely not in agreement,” with what she said.

Later though, he said he hadn’t had the chance to ‘review’ her testimony.

So, how could he disagree with something he hadn’t read?

Clearly, Justin Trudeau and his cronies know that they have to ‘disagree’ with what she said, because agreeing with it would require them to submit their resignations immediately and admit to having a totally corrupt mindset.

That means they decided on their talking points ahead of time, which left them in the hilarious position of opposing Jody Wilson-Raybould’s note-based testimony with empty platitudes.

Wilson-Raybould has notes of what happened. She has conversations, she has a timeline.


He has ‘disagreement’ despite not reading it.

It’s a pathetic display from Trudeau, who is trying to pretend that his government isn’t in chaos and total crisis. He has been exposed as a fake and a fraud, and no amount of empty talking points will restore his false image.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Jody needs to cross the floor because this tyrant is going to continue making her look like the bad gal. Trudeau needs to step down, resign and stop this BS posturing!!!!

Ralph Knapp

Now we know why Butts ran away.


What an actor!!!! It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Yesterday, he & his cronies are accused of fraudulent activity and this morning – “we are going into space” ?????


Thank you once again you state it perfectly. and so very politely Canadian.
These un-Canadian drama queens must be made to stop, there is way too much evidence of this vile corruption. This so reminds me of the corrupt LIEberal/butts mess left here in Ontario.


So If this is true it brings into question all of the “back door deals ” this government has made. Omar Khadar’s back door deal , all of them. Hopefully an investigation from the RCMP will follow. The rabbit holes run deep.

Linda Hogan

Comeuppance is a beautiful thing.

David MacKAY

A Fake, A Fraud, A Liar, A bully, A Thug, and admirer of Dictators, A prime minister in control of the new Lick Spittle Attorney General via whom he will try to shut down any inquiry – Seems however the New AG completely contradicted Raybould’s testimony before she ever spoke…another AG resignation is now required.

Vicki Wadsworth

Well, Mr Trudeau once said that he doesn’t bother reading the newspapers or watching the news shows. “If something’s import, someone will tell me about it”. Hmm…guess he didn’t get the memo this time.

Eleanor Merkus

Call in the Mounties already. Such lies must be exposed!


thats because he and his cronies are crooks


Perhaps after Turdo loses the election Trump will declare him “Prime Minister” in order to keep Alberta oil landlocked and only flowing south at the pleasure of the U.S.