ARROGANCE: Watch As Liberal Chair Of Justice Committee Rolls His Eyes After MP Says Jody Wilson-Raybould Should Be Able To Speak “In The Interest Of Justice”


Sometimes, one image or video sums up an entire scandal and political party.

Here it is:

“Watch closely as the Liberals voted against having @Puglaas return to speak to the committee. Notice how the Chair rolls his eyes when @MikeBarrettON votes in favour, citing “in the interest of justice.”


Apparently, being in support of justice is worthy of an eye roll from the Liberals.

That look from Liberal Anthony Housefather says it all.

That’s what the Trudeau Liberals think.

Canadians deserve better.

Oh, and by the way, the Liberals also voted against letting Jody Wilson-Raybould speak to the committee again, even though Trudeau is still restricting her from speaking freely and even though Gerald Butts’ testimony basically calls her a liar (without using those words directly). The cover-up continues.

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Arrogant lying liberals. No one believes Butts anyway, the man that refused to take the oath. I’m glad this whole thing is being stretched out. Hopefully it will all go until election day. Trudeau not speaking up for himself proves that even his handlers think he’s a twit and will screw things up for them even further. Rolling eyes is disrespectful and they’ve all been disrespectful, to Jody, to the rule of law and to all Canadians.

Diane DiFlorio

I think we all realized the outcome from “Butts” before he opened his mouth. Lot’s more to discover I’m sure and I suggest everyone look for the truth and all feelings and “job” concerns aside.

S Willis

Butts reminds me of a slithering snake. Thick as thieves – all of the Liberals on this committee are absolutely disgraceful, including the Chair. This SHAM of a hearing is pathetic!! The Libs are not interested in bringing the truth to light, their interest is clearly to HIDE the truth and preserve their jobs.