DISGRACE: 40,000 Canadian Veterans Are Still Waiting For Their Disability Benefits

And those waits are going up.

With the Trudeau government consumed in scandal, their failures are adding up behind the scenes.

In the 2015 campaign, Trudeau made big promises regarding Veterans, saying he would fix the many broken aspects of Veterans Affairs and help Canada’s heroes get the help they need.

It hasn’t happened.

In fact, things are getting worse.

According to a recent report, there are now about 40,000 Veterans waiting for word on whether their financial assistance applications have been approved.

Of course, while they are waiting, those Veterans can’t access disability benefits.

The number of Veterans waiting for those disability benefits has surged by 11,000 than the year before.

And to make matters even worse, the waits are going up.

Over 1 out of 3 Veterans are waiting for longer than four months.

So, the backlog is getting bigger and the delays are going up, even as the Trudeau government promised the exact opposite.

We are at the point where Canadians can see that all of Trudeau’s promises were empty, and he has no intention of keeping them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

Turdeau the Narcissist will never Take responsibility for any thing and always blame someone else,he should step down ,before he sinks our country




keep your filthy money,
i’m keeping my freedom

Gary Black

Watch 1 Apr they will start to be processed. They are waiting for new budget on the backs of Vets.

chris malmstrom

Canada has always had a strong military, Trudoh has purposely weakened our military to the point where we can only rely on our southern friends to protect us…because, seriously, who is going to join a military knowing that you’ll be treated as a lower class citizen by your own government…the very same government that “hires” you to protect this once great country and its citizens as well as helping those abroad as peacekeepers? Trudoh has made Canadians look like fools on the world stage, and at the VERY least, this country’s government needs to take GOOD care of those who… Read more »

J Fortz

40,000 disabled vets? How can that be the last war Canada fought in ended in 1945. It seems to me they would be very few of those currently surviving. I thought Canada’s military was only involved in emergency Civic activity such as floods, natural disasters, hockey riots and Refugee control. It must be disability due to all the Curling accidents and moose attacks.