WATCH LIVE: Justice Committee Holds Emergency Meeting As Opposition Demands Liberals Give Jody Wilson-Raybould Chance To Fully Speak Freely

Will the Trudeau Government cover-up continue?

The Justice Committee is holding an emergency meeting.

The Conservatives and NDP are demanding that Jody Wilson-Raybould be given the opportunity to fully speak freely.

Wilson-Raybould has said she wants to speak on what happened after she was removed as Attorney General, but Trudeau is imposing privilege on her that blocks her from speaking freely.

While Michael Wernick was given the chance to speak twice – and able to speak about whatever he wanted – Wilson-Raybould has been limited.

You can watch the proceedings live below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thanks for the heads up. Watching. Shared.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Bush league justice committee. Bush league justice in Canada. Bush league country.

Bush league voters.


Well wasn’t that a waste of time. Featherhouse should be sued for intervening and overriding Pierre’s statement. This is bloody scary that this Liberal. Gov. is so corrupt and controlling.


Mind you Carol, Trudeau and his gov could never reach this far had it not been for the media’s help. Do you think that the media would ‘demand’ from Justin to let Jody speak? Do you think the media will report 24/7 ‘Justin as a control freak nuzzling his mps from speaking the truth? NO!!


The Liberals are setting unprecedented levels of just how low a Political Party will go to protect themselves, and it is blatant cowardice that they ran out the back door, refusing to speak to Canadians. It is going to take appearance in Criminal Court, under Oath?

D Met

I say JWR should just go ahead and reveal all and let Trudeau and his band of fools try and press charges. I’ll bet any judge worth his salt would just throw it out anyhow.

S Willis

The Trudeau Liberals JUST proved 100% that the SNC-Lavalin scandal is indeed a COVER-UP! TRUDEAU AND HIS LIBERAL MPs ARE TOTALLY CORRUPT!!! No democracy or transparency under incompetent, inept, arrogant Trudeau.