Lobbyist For SNC-Lavalin Went To Exclusive Liberal ‘Cash-For-Access’ Events

The more facts emerge, the worse things look for Trudeau and the Liberals.

More connections between the Trudeau Liberals and SNC-Lavalin have emerged.

A report from the National Post reveals that – even as the Liberals were saying that they were ending ‘Cash-For-Access’ fundraisers, a lobbyist for SNC-Lavalin was attending a ‘Cash-For-Access’ event along with some of the top players in the Liberal government:

“A lobbyist for SNC-Lavalin and former Liberal adviser attended two exclusive donor events hosted by the party at the same time the Quebec engineering giant was lobbying Ottawa for a negotiated settlement to avoid a criminal trial, despite certain steps the Liberal Party has taken to end the controversial practice of cash-for-access fundraising.

Bruce Hartley, who has been registered as a lobbyist for SNC-Lavalin since April 2017, attended two events for deep-pocketed donors in December 2017 and June 2018, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the featured guest.

Also in attendance at both events were Finance Minister Bill Morneau, former principal secretary Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s chief of staff Katie Telford, and Mathieu Bouchard, Trudeau’s adviser on Quebec issues, all key players in the controversy over allegations of political interference that has consumed the Trudeau government over the last month.”

Hartley has said he is a member of the Liberal Party.

The report also notes that, “Trudeau was listed as the featured guest for both events, and Hartley is registered to lobby the Prime Minister’s Office on behalf of SNC-Lavalin, which would bar him from attending other, ticketed fundraisers featuring the prime minister.”

The more details that emerge about the Trudeau Government and SNC-Lavalin, the more we see why Trudeau is so terrified of the truth being revealed.

The full National Post report can be viewed here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter