FAIL: Trudeau’s New ‘Special Adviser’ On PMO SNC-Lavalin Scandal Was Liberal Deputy PM During Sponsorship Scandal, Is Holding Liberal Fundraiser In Two Weeks, And Is On The Trudeau Foundation

What a joke.

The Trudeau Government isn’t even trying to pretend that they aren’t covering up the corruption anymore.

Today, Justin Trudeau announced that he’s appointing Anne McLellan to advise him on the role of the Attorney General amid the SNC-Lavalin.

As Michelle Rempel pointed out on Twitter, the appointment of McLellan is appalling.

“BREAKING: Trudeau just appointed this person to investigate the SNC Lavalin corruption scandal…..ANNE MCLELLAN. She was the Deputy PM during the Liberal Sponsorship Scandal. But wait, there’s more (please read and RT all)…”

“2/ Trudeau just appointed Anne McLennan to investigate the SNC Lavalin corruption scandal. She’s currently scheduled to headline a major Liberal Party fundraiser in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. But wait, there’s more (please read and RT all)……

“3/Trudeau just appointed Anne McLennan to investigate the SNC Lavalin corruption scandal. While she was Deputy PM, Paul Martin met with SNC Lavalin about their PROJECTS IN LIBYA for which they now stand accused of BRIBERY”

“4/ Trudeau just appointed Anne McLennan to investigate the SNC Lavalin corruption scandal. In addition to everything above, SHE IS PART OF THE TRUDEAU FOUNDATION.… RT THIS THREAD IF YOU FIND THIS OUTRAGEOUS”

“5/ Appointing Anne McLennan to investigate the SNC Lavalin corruption scandal is like Trudeau investigating the Hamburglar to look into where all those cheeseburgers went. In seriousness, does he think we are all idiots???!”

This is total corruption and a total cover-up.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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I hope the RCMP (if not bought out too) are looking into this corruption move as well, I also hope the Conservatives are ready to undo all these placed LIEberals and their paid media, clean up this huge mess the LIEberals are spreading around.
Has anyone else heard a rumor that an election might be called early????, because the Vice Admirals trial is coming in August, and maybe the PMO has interfered there, rumor also has it.

don morris

NancyW, the CPC sent me a request for funding stating they expect an early election,and the cause can only be helped by a donation from little old me. I once replied to them that as they gave me a 52 cents per month raise in my OAP, and Trudeau gave me a raise of 56 cents per month, I was torn as to where my loyalty should go.

They didn’t reply.


It’s quite possible. Summertime while people are too busy having fun with their children or are visiting other places or attending festivals.

Also, he’s suddenly becoming population-friendly such as negotiating with the USA to close the border loophole, something we all want. But most people aren’t aware of the implications of the Global Migration Compact.

Justin Trudeau (while Butts is behind the curtain) is a SNAKE.


Jody Raybould HAS TO SPEAK OUT OR FACE DEFEAT. Her work as AG WILL REDUCE TO SLANDER. IF SHE does not take control of her credibility, Justin Trudeau and his radical gang will destroy her. Why hasn’t her lawyer taken actions to defend her before it becomes to late to do so.

don morris
Everyone should read Conrad Black’s column on JWR, she isn’t quite the sweet,innocent angel some people believe she is.


“In seriousness, does he think we are all idiots???!” Michelle – do you really have to ask?


YES. And many are. They follow the news and newspapers. I know so many, all of them, the same story. It’s arduous work explaining it to them and they still have difficulty in understanding. Issues are complex and people don’t want complexity in their lives.

don morris

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is beyond anything I have ever seen for sheer arrogance! The LPC is SO contemptuous of us voters, they think they can’t be touched. Landslide Annie,as she was known for her very close victories in Edmonton, is the epitome of the politician that brought down the Liberal government of the Chretien/Martin era! This is truly unbelievable. Several CPC MP’s have speculated Trudeau will call an early election in May,which I doubted at the time, but maybe with the shoe horning of both old LPC cronies,Sheila Copps and now Landslide Annie, Trudeau does actually intend to go with an… Read more »

shawn harris

You make a very valid point, Trudeau is just as corrupt as his predecessors Martin and Chretien. And as much as what Trudeau is doing reminds me of the old movie Back to Future, except without the happy ending; i suspect that Trudeau will end his time in office with an official RCMP Police investigation for at least corruption and maybe even obstruction of justice. Trudeau’s arrogance and hypocrisy is extreme, he actually believes he can get away with breaking our laws while claiming to be upholding them.


I listened to an interview with her yesterday afternoon, and evidently Ann, is canceling her attendance at the fundraisers as now being appointed.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I know you mean it sarcastically Spencer but this is no joke. This is what results when a nation -Canada – has no moral or spiritual compass; everyone does what seems right in their own eyes. And to top it off, I am not dismissing a possible Trudeau minority government this fall backed by the NDP, which would make the situation even more dire than it is now. Those that dismiss this possibility are just “ostriches with their heads in the sand”.