Liberal MP Don Rusnak Says He Won’t Be Running In Upcoming Election

Joins growing list of Liberal MPs not seeking re-election.

Beyond poll numbers, MPs not seeking re-election can be one of the most effective ways to gauge the prospects of a political party.

For example, with tons of NDP MPs deciding against running in the upcoming election, it’s a sign that they see their prospects as bleak under Jagmeet Singh’s leadership.

And with the Liberals falling in the polls and the Trudeau government mired in scandal, more Liberal MPs are announcing that they won’t run again.

The latest is Don Rusnak, the MP for Thunder Bay-Rainy River.

Rusnak announced on Twitter that he won’t be running again:

“Thank you to everyone from Thunder Bay —Rainy River for your support over the last 3 years. It has been an honour being your MP, and I look forward to continuing to serve you all for the remainder of my mandate.”

Don Rusnak MP

If more MPs continue to say they won’t run again for the Liberals, it will be a further sign that Liberal MPs know the scandal is dragging the party down and don’t expect to be able to win.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Such excellent news

Ivan Hawkes

Not only rats would try to get off of a sinking ship. If you can get far enough away from it before it goes down you may not get sucked down with it. Justin and Morneau have blown giant holes in the hull of their own vessel with completely foolish steps taken purposefully which Canadians may never actually rectify. But what could we expect from a herd of PUPPETS jumping to the tune played by the psychopathic UN?


He sees the writing on the wall.!!’s not rock science …