More Chaos: Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick To Resign

Wernick was widely condemned by the Opposition parties as being biased and partisan.

Michael Wernick, whose unhinged testimony to the Justice Committee (including rants about assassinations) introduced him to Canadians in a terribly unflattering light, is going to resign.

Wernick – who as Canada’s most powerful public servant would have had a key role overseeing the next election – faced numerous calls to step down from the Opposition parties.

In a letter to Justin Trudeau, Wernick said, “It is now apparent that there is no path for me to have a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the leaders of the opposition parties. I wish to relinquish these roles before the election. It is essential that Canadians continue to see their world leading public service as non-partisan and there to provide excellent services to Canadians and the governments they elect.”

This only adds to the scandal, as the chaos in the Trudeau government continues.

Remember, at the beginning of the scandal the Liberals said the whole thing was ‘false,’ now there have been numerous resignations, and Trudeau’s poll numbers have tanked.

Wernick isn’t out of the woods yet, as he could still face questions about this scandal, and about the Vice Admiral Norman trial.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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I am glade he retired maybe SNC Lavalin and his friend that got a job there when he left the government will hire him as well. I am waiting for Vice Admiral Mark Normans court case, because I think it will be clear then how corrupt this government has been and is. An article I posted here a while ago really says everything I was thinking about, probably happened. It also explains why the west east pipeline did not get built and the investigative reporter was threatened for doing his job, by our government and Irving ship building, and about… Read more »

Don Taylor

Turdeau has tried to destroy Canada ,but he will end up destroying himself


He’s an immature adolescent. Quite a few teens don’t go into temper tantrums and have better judgment.