Report Says SNC-Lavalin Won $1.6 BILLION Ottawa LRT Contract Despite Failing To Meet Minimum Technical Standards

More evidence of the totally corrupt system.

A CBC report is alleging that the City of Ottawa gave SNC-Lavalin the $1.6 Billion contract “to extend and maintain Ottawa’s north-south LRT line” despite the fact that SNC-Lavalin didn’t even meet the minimum technical qualifications for the project.

Meanwhile, the two other bidders on the contract met and exceed those standards.

“However, sources with direct knowledge of the Stage 2 evaluation process told CBC that SNC-Lavalin failed to achieve the minimum technical score of 70 per cent, a requirement set out in publicly available documents. CBC is not naming the three sources because they are not authorized to speak with the media.”

And the City of Ottawa government has clammed up:

“Again this week, the city refused to say whether SNC-Lavalin made the minimum grade, citing commercial confidentiality of the process. Given more than two business days to respond to inquiries, the city refused to provide an in-person interview, sending instead an email attributed to Chris Swail, the director of O-Train planning.”

This is total corruption on a massive scale. If it can be proven that City Councillors in Ottawa voted for SNC-Lavalin to get the contract while knowing that they failed to meet the qualifications, then those councillors must be removed from office and even face potential legal action.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Shirlaw

Wonder how many hookers that cost….

peter black

Its deeper than that. This smell bribe!bribe! bribe. Get the police onto this one. We have to stop this corruption.
The 2 guys that lost the job should join their lawyers and get to the bottom of this. Get the bank records. How does SNC execute the bribe? Resort Tickets, Cruise Tickets , car purchase ???????????????????????????


The CBC exposed this? Now I am getting suspicious. Obviously Trudeau is no longer the chosen one. Question is who do the powers want. Scary to think there may someone out there with his agenda and is smart enough to pull it off without bungling.


You cannot help but think, (even know) that someone got paid a bribe out of the public s purse, I think I will write to Doug Ford since lieberal debt leftovers in Ontario is paying a huge chunk of cash towards this also. Ottawa is usually a Lieberal town but they are orange this time, same thing. Doug Ford better pull our debt money out of this so he doesn’t get into some kind of scandal like they keep accusing Conservatives of. Let Ottawa take this fall, if they want more of this kind of corruption, we are already in… Read more »

Brian Dougan

It appears that Trudeau also has Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson on speed dial.


Well we know that SNC has a history of buying the politicians it needs to (like our feds ) so it stands to reason ………..


The rot seems to get deeper and more widespread. Drain the swamp.

shawn harris

Since Trudeau can be forced to do SNC Lavalin’s biding with just a phone call to the PMO office, it begs the question just what does SNC Lavalin have on the city council of Ottawa and was this just another phone call deal. And if proven true, this proves exactly why SNC lavalin was charged with fraud, bribery and corruption in Libya, Montreal and it also would prove why JWR was absolutely correct in denying SNC Lavalin a deferred prosecution agreement. So, just who is running Canada?. Corporations like SNC Lavalin or a combination of corrupt Liberals and corrupt corporations?.

Ivan Hawkes

How does a corporation buy a politician? They hand over some millions to the Trudeau foundation and poof, they get multiples of millions back. Nice don’t you think?


wow so there is still illegal crap going on with lavalin when is it going to stop there needs to be a public and a RCMP investigation asp what is wrong with this government and the people

David MacKAY

Public Works Cananda on whose shoulders falls the decision to appreve – is not allowed to waive minimum technical requirements. In fact it is statute barred from doing so by Treasury Board of Canada Guidelines.
Now we know why two Presidents of the Treasury Board of Canada resigned one after the other in January and February .

Gonzo the Magnificent

I wonder if there was pay-off to city councillors. Why else would Lavalin get the contract? The love of money is again rearing its’ head. Every man has his price.