Sheila Copps Continues Sad Descent Into Apparent Madness, Smears Highly-Respected Judge

Many have become unhinged in their attempt to defend the disgraceful Trudeau PMO.

Sheila Copps’ apparent descent into madness continues.

She has been criticized by Canadians in all parties – including many Liberals appalled by her rhetoric – as her attempts to defend Justin Trudeau become increasingly unhinged.

For her latest move, she’s decided to smear a highly-respected judge:

“Former AG decries release of CONFIDENTIAL (her caps) discussions re. Trudeau’s refusal to support her recommendation of a homophonic, anti-abortion, anti-Charter Chief Justice. Who released CONFIDENTIAL details of her discussion with the PM 7 weeks ago?”

Copps, who has been repeating the PMO line for some time now, is pushing a talking point so badly discredited that the Manitoba Bar Association had to weigh in:

Manitoba Bar Association

What a disgrace, and what a disappointment from someone who once held the role of deputy PM.

Not only is Justin Trudeau corrupting Canada’s institutions, it appears that he’s even corrupting those who are still defending him.

It’s a sad and disturbing moment for the country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Diane DiFlorio

As soon as you think Trudeau Liberals can’t go any lower, they prove they can do the limbo like nobody else.


it sure is and he should resign or call a election before we can’t recover from every thing he has done !!!


When M.P.’s. decide to get out of politics, they should probably stay out of politics for good.


Sheila Copps father was the Mayor of Hamilton Ontario, met this family on several occasions, Sheila and her doctor sister were always very loud and forceful, always demanding and demeaning, very LIEberal, if they did not get the forced respect they demanded they would threaten you with loosing your job, after listening to them do this, the righteous act and all smiles really made you wonder? Madness is not an act with them.

Norbert Kausen

Copps is a nobody, a has-been, trying to gain some long gone publicity. She is irrelevant and should just stay out to pasture!

james isnor

How tragic. She just can t enjoy her retirement down in Mexico on the taxpayers pension. She has to put in her 2 cents.


Maybe that is why Hamilton changed the name of the Copps Coliseum. It was named after her father, but with the incompetence she shows and backing a corrupt, arrogant Liberal Government, I wouldn’t want anything named Copps.