Government Of New Brunswick Says “We Can’t Afford A Carbon Tax”

With Trudeau’s carbon tax kicking in on April 1st, the backlash is already growing.

The Trudeau Carbon Tax is set to take effect on April 1st.

And already, the backlash is growing.

In an official statement on Twitter, the New Brunswick Government has made it clear that people can’t afford the tax:

“Starting April 1, a family that has an oil furnace and fills that tank up three times a year will spend $150 more per year. Why should New Brunswickers pay more?”

And on their website, the Government of New Brunswick detailed the increased costs that will be caused by the tax:

“Starting April 1, 2019, New Brunswickers will pay a new federal tax on gasoline and home heating fuels.

The federal carbon tax will be applied to all fossil fuels sold in New Brunswick, including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane and all home heating fuels. The tax will be imposed on fuel production and distribution companies, which will pass on these costs to customers. This tax will increase every year until 2022, when New Brunswickers will pay the highest tax on gasoline in Canada.

This new federal carbon tax will add up to hundreds of dollars in extra costs for New Brunswick families.

A rural family of four that own a truck and a sedan each travelling 20,000kms per year will pay approximately $230 more in gas in 2019. If the same family has an oil furnace with a capacity of 900 litres and fills that tank up three times a year, they will spend approximately $150 more per year. In addition, there will be increases in food and other goods they will be purchasing in the run of a year.”

The Trudeau Carbon Tax will gouge Canadians, and with millions of people in the country already struggling financially, the impact of the tax will be devastating.

Spencer Fernando

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Ivan Hawkes

Thing is that the pain of this tax will grow exponentially as the cost per ton of C02 increases, and increases, and increases. People are afraid of how much this will raise the cost of everything, but it is only going to become much worse.


Not only will this tax put the middle class in the streets but the poor that already have to decide whether to eat or stay warm won’t be able to do either. I’m appalled and hope this ends Trudeau’s insane gov’t.


BC citizens have been paying a stupid carbon tax that has done nothing to reduce carbon output. In fact, BC’s carbon output has risen higher than it was when the tax started. All it is, is a huge tax grab. I want to see it ended in BC. All three levels of government across Canada, have their hands continually in our pockets. There should be a tax revolt.