SNC-Lavalin Faces Allegations They Used Canadian Taxpayer Dollars To Fund Illegal Bribes In Foreign Countries

Insider at the company says Export Development Canada loans were used for the bribes.

SNC-Lavalin is facing even more potential corruption scandals.

According to an insider at the company, SNC-Lavalin received money from Export Development Canada for what they called ‘technical fees,’ but which were actually often used to pay bribes in order to illegally get contracts in foreign countries.

Export Development Canada is funded by Canadian taxpayers.

According to a CBC report, “EDC has denied knowledge of any improper payments, but last Friday said it is taking a closer look at a 2011 deal with SNC-Lavalin involving a $250-million project to refurbish the Matala hydroelectric dam in Angola. EDC provided the Quebec-based company with “political risk insurance” for the project. “We would never, under any circumstances, knowingly participate in a transaction tainted by bribery or corruption,” David Bhamjee, EDC’s vice-president of corporate communications, wrote in an email. “This behaviour goes against EDC’s core values and deep-rooted culture of business integrity.”

Additionally, “The insider alleges that, prior to 2012 — when the head of SNC-Lavalin’s construction division was arrested in Switzerland for bribery in Libya — EDC was funding numerous projects that featured “slush funds.”

If true, this will be yet another reason why it looks so horrible for Justin Trudeau and the corrupt establishment elites to have pressured Jody Wilson-Raybould to interfere in the Public Prosecution Office and try to let SNC-Lavalin avoid trial.

Canadians are rightfully asking why we’re expected to follow all the rules and are punished when we don’t, yet big well-connected corporations (particularly Liberal-connected corporations) can seemingly get away with anything.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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peter black

This is a corrupt and evil corporation. Canada purchases dirty Arab oil for refining in the Maritimes without the environmental tests on projects like Energy East as a BRIBERY IN KIND for huge Saudi contracts in the middle east. The Feds and Quebec ganged up to veto Energy East and lied to us that Trans Canada cancelled the deal. This is an act of TREASON as Energy East has substantial value to the Canadian economy. This prompts another question— another Quebec darling also gets huge contracts to build jets and rail equipment. What do they do to get those contracts.… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

An unethical corporation bent on profit over any form of ethical behaviour as a priority. We’ve seen more than enough evidence that SNC and Justin both have proved themselves unworthy of any trust whatsoever. Oink Oink SNC you greedy sons of pigs. GREED IS A SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS!!!


The wheels are really coming off this corrupt government.


Ah, so more of the truth is finally coming out about our tax money?