Surprise… Following Trudeau’s Ouster Of Wilson-Raybould & Philpott, SNC-Lavalin Launches New Effort To Get Deferred Prosecution Agreement

They were already rejected by the Independent Public Prosecutor and the Courts, but with Trudeau booting Wilson-Raybould the company clearly sees now as the time to strike.

Following Justin Trudeau’s expulsion of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott from the Liberal Caucus, SNC-Lavalin is making another bid for a deferred prosecution agreement.

What surprise…

SNC-Lavalin has clearly gotten the message from Trudeau: Now is the time to try again for a DPA.

After all, while Trudeau claims that the DPA decision was ‘Jody Wilson-Raybould’s’ to make, he never respected her decision, removed her from the job, appointed someone who says a DPA is now a possibility again, and then kicked Wilson-Raybould out of the Liberal Caucus.

So, it’s not a big shock that SNC-Lavalin, despite having been rejected by both the Independent Public Prosecutor and the Courts, is making a bid to appeal their previous court defeat.

They’ve seen that Trudeau is willing to corrupt the system in their favour, and they think their chances of getting a DPA are now much higher.

What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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The bible says those see darkness as light and light as darkness. And does it amaze you that most…go along?? And it’s always been this way.

What a plan!! Get rid of her, redo.


When do the RCMP show up?


Spencer, none of us should be surprised as Trudeau clears the way for his corrupt friends. It is very difficult to comprehend that despite all the media coverage this DPA stunt is on the table so soon. Had he waited until summer we might not have noticed. Arrogance knows no bounds!

Don Taylor

This move for SNC to get another shot at a DPA is such a corrupt move by Trudeau and his Govt, The Canadian people now have the chance to see this corrupt Govt in action if the DPA is given to SNC,and every Liberal should be ashamed of this Govt

shawn harris

With all the trouble Trudeau has gone through, he has learned nothing and has intensified his resolve to be even more defiant in his hypocrisy, deceit and arrogance. SNC Lavalin must also be thinking that it pays to be criminally corrupt and that Prime Minister Trudeau can and has most likely been bought and paid for. Do neither of these two contemptible, Trudeau and SNC Lavalin, have any conscience, morals or values that would cause them to stop trying to subvert and obstruct justice?. And, for Trudeau to think, that the problem is solved by booting out JWR and Philpott… Read more »

Robert Rice

I’d bet my last liter of gas that they get it from the new corrupt Attorney General. He was put in that position by trudeau for one reason only, get SNC-Lavalin out of a corruption and bribery trial.

Why are you sooooooooooo surprised Spencer. I’m not in the least. Remember the old adage that those who have the money call the shots. SNC is lobbying the PM and his new appointee because they have the wherewithal to do it, and they have been heavily subsidized by successive Liberal and PC governments who, as you are well aware, got all the money to bankroll SNC from………EQUALIZATION PAYMENTS FROM ALBERTA! I’m willing to wager that SNCs lawyers are paid mega-bucks to get the DPA, in spite of what the IPP and the Courts have ordered! There is ONLY one option… Read more »


Didn’t I just read yesterday that our bright, shiny new AG has already approved a new DPA for SNC-Lavalin???

D Met

Now just watch as Trudeau’s new attorney general gives SNC-Lavalin their DPA as a means of exonerating Trudeau’s interference. This whole affair stinks to high Heaven and Trudeau is behind it all. You can take that to the bank!


By now, the rule of law in Canada looks like a joke. This is awful.

don morris

This was expected. If Trudeau had any sense at all, he would never have put an idealist, a very well known idealist I might add, in a Ministry where she would be forced to make these types of decisions. Trudeau knew damned well this type of thing was coming unless he was completely blind to how business has always been done in Quebec. The A/G should have been the Quebec LPC suckhole that holds the job NOW, from day One, then none of this would ever have happened and Justin would be PM another four years starting in October. In… Read more »

peter black

The corruption never stops in Quebec. Bastards


So if SNC gets a DPA we’ll have another scandal to heap on Trudeau and his party of corruption.
Librano politics gives me stress beyond what is normal. Can Canadians launch a lawsuit against the Librano Party for cruel and unusual representation.

Brian Dougan

My comment isn’t apropos; but I need to say it: I’m sick of hearing the MSM talk about the “Liberal brand.” Excuse me; how about governing a country in the interests of Canadians? The “Liberal brand??” Are they marketing Coke; or a dish detergent? The only “brand” the Liberals have ever had is corruption, and weakening our country. They do have one thing in common with Coke–they’re both corrosive.

Penelope Trottier

All I can say is Trudeau, as well as every politician sitting there, are as corrupt as the day is long. They all spin tales back and forth all for the gain of the public so they can sit there and do the exact same thing. There has not been a straight forward honest politician for many years, and if there is they do not last long. Politics in Canada is corrupt as is anything the Globalist gets there hand into. The majority of people just sit back and ignore what goes on so they get what they deserve.


Poor Lavalin ever since the Montreal Olympics, scandal after scandal! Does the company and the PM?PMO? not understand that justice needs to be seen to be done, and be done?

David Henley

Rats are still rats even when they leave a sinking ship. All these people have supported Trudeau through four years of disgrace, lies, and treasonous affairs. Because now everything is becoming public they see something wrong??? I don’t buy into any of this. The liberal party is morally corrupt through and through.