Netanyahu Wins Israel Election

Media predictions discredited again.

In a stunning parallel with the 2016 US President Election and the UK Brexit Referendum, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has won a strong victory in the Israel Elections, despite media predictions to the contrary.

The media had continually said that Netanyahu was in big trouble, and early exit polls showed him losing, just as exit polls showed Brexit being defeated and Trump losing to Clinton.

The actual results are very different.

With 96% of precincts reporting in, Netanyahu’s Likud Party has 37 seats, while his closest rival the Blue & White Party has 36 seats.

However, Netanyahu’s win is stronger than that narrow margin, as every government in Israel is a coalition government. Netanyahu’s coalition has won far above the number of seats necessary to form a majority, meaning Netanyahu will not only lead the largest party, but will be the largest party in the largest coalition.

Netanyahu’s Likud Party also gained about 7 seats over their performance in the 2015 election, which is a big acheivement in such a fractured political environment.

Netanyahu’s win is a clear rebuke of the establishment media, and vindicates his tough leadership and willingness to do what needs to be done to protect Israel and stand up for democracy and freedom.

You can watch part of Netanyahu’s victory speech below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter