Justin Trudeau Really Hopes You Don’t Watch This Video Where He Accidentally Reveals Himself As A Compulsive Liar

No wonder he’s so desperate to change the channel.

Justin Trudeau is now undertaking a desperate distraction campaign.

He’s making unhinged and absurd attacks on Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, including dividing Canadians by race, while he simultaneously makes the same asylum law changes spent years demonizing the Conservatives for calling for.

It’s the act of a desperate person, trying anything possible to change the channel.

And he’s trying to change the channel because the PMO SNC-Lavalin Scandal is having a devastating impact on his poll numbers.

Trudeau is even more desperate, because he recently walked into a trap in Question Period, while being questioned by Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre.

Trudeau had repeatedly said that neither Jody Wilson-Raybould or anyone else ever brought any concerns to him regarding SNC-Lavalin.

He made that claim one of his key points as he defended his actions.

He said it over and over again.

Yet, Trudeau revealed that he’s been lying the whole time.

Poilievre brought up the fact that Wilson-Raybould’s testimony and audio mentioned that she had brought concerns to the PM in person. In fact, she specifically brought up the concern that Trudeau was politically interfering in a prosecution.

When Trudeau responded, he flat out admitted that the conversation took place.


That admission is also an admission that he’s been lying the entire time.

Trudeau walked into the trap, and revealed himself as a compulsive liar. You can watch it below:

No wonder he wants to change the channel.

But we can’t let him do that.

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Spencer Fernando

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Haha! What a shameful act…


How can this Idiot just keep lying right to the end of this debate with Pierre Pouilivere when he has already been trapped in this lie. How stupid can he be?? And to counter this obvious lie with Pierre Pouilivere is laughable. He wishes that he had the Smarts of Pierre. A Pathological Liar is NEVER smart enough to remember what he has said!


hahahhahahahah another foot in mouth disease ….

Eleanor Merkus

He has changed his story SO often, who would believe anything he says? Bu still he has lots of support in Quebec and some in Ontario. How is it that some people still support this clown?


An actor has to be “quick on his feet” when he forgets his lines. I guess Turdo can’t think, talk and dance at the same time.


One never has to try and remember what lies we’ve told, if we’ve told the truth to begin with.


I watched and I listened and commenting mildly, this spectacle is a classic case of “sliding farther on B.S. than gravel, knowing it is easier on one’s boots.”