In Dangerous Move, UK Plans To Let Communist China-Controlled Huawei Build Part Of 5G Network

Many countries have been going in the opposite direction, with the U.S. and Australia banning Huawei from their 5G networks over fears of communist infiltration.

The UK plans to let Communist China-controlled Huawei build part of their 5G infrastructure.

According to CNBC, “The U.K. government will reportedly allow Huawei to build out parts of its 5G wireless networks, defying U.S. demands for a blanket ban on the Chinese tech giant. Citing unnamed sources, The Daily Telegraph first reported that Britain’s National Security Council agreed on Tuesday to let Huawei provide “non-core” technology, like antennas, to the country’s mobile operators for the next-generation networks. The U.K. will not allow the Chinese firm to provide “core” technology, which includes software and other equipment that link primary internet connections, several media outlets reported.”

The decision is highly questionable for many reasons, including the fact that a UK government study had raised ‘significant’ concerns about security threats from Huawei equipment.

Unfortunately, Communist China has spent vast sums of money to entrench their influence in the Western Democracies, and some countries have not shown the courage to push back and defend their interests.

Though Huawei claims there is no political interference in their decisions as a company, that is simply impossible for a company in China. Every large company in that country must have Communist Party ‘monitors’, and the all powerful Communist Party can order any company to do anything at anytime, if the orders come from the top.

There is no such thing as a truly ‘private’ company in China, and because the Communists seek to supplant the West and gain economic and political dominion over the planet, it is essential that Western Democracies totally ban Huawei.

The UK has made a big mistake.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I sure hope that Canada has learned what Communist China is all about, and Canada should never allow any 5G Network in Canada. The UK is making a Horrible Mistake allowing Huawai to build part of the 5G Network in the UK. Huawai is Most Definitely Controlled by Communist China and the UK will also be Indirectly Controlled by Communist China through Huawai. What a scary thought!


Is Canada still in extradition process re the Huawei CFO? Will wake up one morning yo find Huawei 5G in play here? Trudeau will bring home the Canadians, with great fanfare, being held hostage by Commie China in exchange for Canada’s security and what’s left of its sovereignty…and of course a Huawei 5G contract to facilitate China’s spying.


I thought that the Brithish have more of common sense.They had few people poisoned by the communist,and they still haven’t learned.

David Henley

The destruction of the world is in the making. The elite will not stop their attacks on a free nation. Well funded and have paid the politicians for their support. As a people we need to find a leader that has not been bought. Hard to do. Not supported by the media.


5G is the Globalist plan to exterminate the human race. Don’t believe me, do your research, don’t trust mainstream news….