LIARS: Trudeau Government Denies Conversation Between Trudeau & US Cannabis Company CEO Took Place Despite Photo Showing Conversation Between Trudeau & US Cannabis Company CEO Taking Place

They’re not even trying to pretend they’re telling the truth anymore.

As I’ve said many times, the Trudeau Liberals lie about everything and can’t be trusted.

Well, they’ve reached a brazen new low.

Now, they’re lying about things even when there’s photo evidence refuting it.

The Trudeau Liberals are having to answer for why Ian Jenkins – the CEO of US Cannabis Company ‘Frelii,’ was invited to a Trudeau Liberal fundraiser despite tickets costing $1600 and only Canadians being allowed to make donations.

And, as reported by BusinessWire, Jenkins and Trudeau had discussions at the event:

“Ian Jenkins, CEO of Frelii Inc. (OTCQB: FRLI) (“Frelii” or “The Company”) met in an informal meeting with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau to discuss how Frelii’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology could be beneficial in advancing the safe and more effective use of medical cannabis products in Canada. 

“This was our first opportunity to meet with the prime minister,” said Ian Jenkins, CEO of Frelii Inc. “Frelii has been working with regulatory officials and physicians in Canada to prepare to deploy our AI technology there. It is designed to enable medical professionals and their patients to use cannabis products, such as CBD, more safely and effectively than the current, trial-and-error approach.”


Certainly sounds like Cash For Access, which Trudeau had claimed was brought to an end.

The response from the Trudeau government? Simply deny that any discussions took place:

So, the PMO says no discussions took place.

Uhh, except, here’s a photo Tweeted by Frelii showing discussions taking place:

Frelii CEO Trudeau

Well, for ‘not a discussion,’ that sure looks a lot like a discussion.

Also, as was pointed out previously by Senator Denise Batters, why if the donation limit is $1600, and the ticket cost $1600, and a Liberal donor (apparently the man in the middle of the photo above Sandy Uppal), paid for the ticket, how did the Liberal donor also attend, considering that would mean spending $3200 – way above the limit?

The Trudeau government could have picked lots of ways to respond to this issue.

They picked lying, even though it’s all on Twitter for everyone to see.

That’s the contempt and arrogance they have towards Canadians. Even when the truth is obvious, they spit in our faces and lie to us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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LIE berals must be voted out, very soon. Right now I am very interested in the huge secret “$60 billion dollar” Irving Ship building contract supposedly for Canada’s Navy with these LIE berals and the “Freedom of Information” stated that no info will be released for three years, and Irving threatened to sue the reporter when they asked them??? If LIE berals are handling our tax dollars and debt so, so poorly I wish they would be stopped. Open and transparent when making deals this huge Canadians should be in he know especially when the LIEberals are involved. This waste… Read more »

Brian Dougan

As my late mother often said “You lie like a rug.” Trudeau exemplifies that expression. In spades.

Arie Intveld

Organized crime syndicates will lie, swindle, bribe, blackmail, extort, hold adversaries captive, maim, torture and even commit murder to either protect or expand their “turf”.

So there is now absolutely no discernable difference between organized crime and progressive politicians (aka Fabian Socialists). Both even wear $4000 suits and are never seen without their armoured SUVs and their entourage of bodyguards and enforcers.

And when they’re caught in the act, both plead the Fifth.

Phil Alexander

It obviously is Stephen Harpers fault once again, and you are racist for bringing this up.


As long the media keep this secret affair from the public’s eyes and or change the narrative to such a way that it does not seem terrible is all that matters to the Trudeau cult party. However, were you to send each liberal mp of the story and are very much on top of ‘what the liberals are doing, they probably might change their minds and do something about Trudeau’s narcissistic behavior.
We can prove to the liberal mp how much we know without watching their media.

Thomas Tass

Pathological lying is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. When a government does it it becomes an existential threat to the country it was elected to govern. No government perfect but the federal Liberals have in three and one half years morphed into an elitist cabal from a very narrow segment of society. The leadership has betrayed moderate Liberals, have angered traditional allies, continually practice hoax politics using gender, race and culture as attack weapons. They present a clear and present danger to the future existence of Canada.


There’s something just so wrong about three dudes in suits and ties standing in a circle smoking dope. Perhaps the new “AI” clones are so good, no one can remember anything.

BTW, I hear “micro-dosing LSD” is becoming the new trend. That ought to put quite the silly grin on Turdo’s face.


So why would they not lie about this? They continually lie & spin in their attempt to trick the sheeple. I can only hope he gets back in as pm, then the trudy name can & will go down in history as the ppl who caused the country to split up.